This Milan Home Is a Master Class in Mixing Shapes, Color, and Free Finds


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A few years and one move later, their own home in Milan is dotted with prototypes of their work. From the pistachio-and-lilac pedestal shelves that house their extensive coffee tool collection to the iconic wiggle mirror in the living room, there’s a clear through line to this home. Elsewhere, a massive artwork behind the dining table is a nod to the Argentinian artists from home, while a poster of a strongman lifting an AeroPress is the manifestation of a shared memory: “That’s a real poster from an AeroPress competition that was happening in Berlin when we were there on holiday in 2018,” Jazmin says. “We went to Five Elephants—it’s an amazing specialty coffee store—and all of these posters were on the table. We asked the barista if we could take one.”

The couple’s Biscuit entryway mirror greets friends at the front door.

A sense of spontaneity and joy continues in the playful moments of Jazmin and Matias’s space. One example is the photo of laundry drying on a clothesline, a gift from the same photographer-friend who captured the interiors images seen here. (“She took that photo on a trip [to] Japan and gave it to me as a present for my bathroom,” Jazmin says). Not far way, in the bedroom, a blobby rug anchors a yellow-striped bed. “We love to have pieces that live well together but [that you might not have] expected them to be together,” Jazmin says. In the designer’s eyes, the key to a fulfilling space is to never get too used to the same thing. “I’m changing things all the time. My friends say, ‘Every time I go to your apartment, I never know what I’m going to discover because suddenly there’s a new chair.’”

“It will never be 100%: You’re always going to change something,” Jazmin says. “In the end, I think that’s what makes this space our space.”

Cheery yellow is one of a few color moments in the bedroom, where a blobby rug with pops of color anchors the bed. Kartell’s Componibili Bio tower in soft pink serves as a nightstand.

The bathroom scene is simple; it features small pieces of art like this photo of laundry drying on a clothesline taken and gifted by a friend.

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