These 8 Trends Will Define 2024 Interiors, Says 1stDibs


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It’s become an annual tradition—and predicting 2024 interiors will be no exception. Each fall, the online marketplace 1stDibs reaches out to the designers and industry professionals who rely upon the site—a go-to for finds ranging from 18th-century Louis XVI sideboards to Ettore Sottsass consoles—and asks them about the future. Today, the results of the seventh survey are in.

More than 600 designers around the world answered the call to offer their insights on what’s hot for 2024 interiors. “It’s interesting to see the aesthetic shifts anticipated by interior designers, those discerning friends of ours who reliably lead the way in matters of style and taste,” says Anthony Barzilay Freund, director of fine art and editorial director at 1stDibs. AD PRO called him up to walk us through what the landscape looks like in the year ahead.

Chocolate brown is one of the newer hues designers are favoring for the new year. Here, it appears in an interior by Irakli Zaria Interiors.

Chocolate brown is on the way up

When it comes to the colors designers say will rule in 2024, chocolate brown, it seems, is melting hearts: Compared to last year, the sultry hue jumped from sixth to third place for most-favored color, with 21% of respondents anticipating it as the shade for the new year. Earthy tones like burnt orange and mustard followed.

A blue shift

In the blues family, robin’s egg is soaring, almost reaching the heights of cobalt: 24% of designers like the former; just under 25% prefer the latter. Both rank slightly above navy, which was the preferred shade for 23% of designers.

It’s still easy being green

Green will continue its multiyear reign in 2024 interiors, the survey says. “We saw during the pandemic the idea that elements of nature that people found soothing were increasingly incorporated into people’s interior schemes,” notes Barzilay Freund. And this trend hasn’t solely been limited to color: Floral and plant motifs came in as the survey’s most popular patterns for 2024.

“Enveloping ourselves in this verdant kind of environment is why the color green resonates,” he says. In the past three years, emerald has come out on top. For 2024, however, the jewel tone has been supplanted by a sage green, 26% to 23%. “We don’t necessarily need that jewel sparkle in our life,” he says. “We just want softness, which plays into this love of new neutrals. Sage feels a little more timeless.”

Texture takes the lead

Limewash came in as the number one choice for popular materials and finishes among surveyed designers. “It feels softer and enveloping,” Barzilay Freund explains. Ceramic/terra-cotta (21%) and blond wood (19%) carry on that warm trend.

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