The Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier Is Literally a Work of Art


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It’s good news that the A3 looks good, because at nearly 20x19x9″ it’s not easy to hide away. But with that unit size comes great capabilities. The A3 Ultra Quiet is rated to fully refresh the air in a space measuring 1,030 square feet two times per hour, though do note that, as with all air purifiers, its effective coverage size is considered to be smaller for allergy sufferers.

The A3 uses six different stages of filtration, including true-HEPA filtration to effectively trap and neutralize even the smallest unwanted things found in indoor air, like bacterium and viruses, pollen, VOCs, smoke and smog particles, pet dander, dust mites, and more.

The fifth of the six stages of filters can be customized to suit your specific needs, with options curated toward germ defense, pet allergens, toxin removal, or odor reduction. We went with the odor-reduction filter because we cook two or three meals a day, we have pets, and we really like a clean-smelling house, frankly. For the record, you can always change the filter type later should you wish—you’re not locked in.

First impressions, set up, and my experience

My first thought on powering on the A3 is that Rabbit Air isn’t kidding then they say this air purifier is quiet. In fact, when set to a “silent” operating speed, it’s literally quieter than a whisper. And at night, thanks to a built-in light sensor, it reduces its lights (which can change color to represent air quality in real time) fading away into a dim, barely-audible device one could easily forget was even there.

The A3 is big, but not so heavy or bulky we can’t move it into the kitchen to help with cooking odors.

Steven John 

I will reiterate that the Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier is large, and it would be overkill for many smaller homes without specific concerns, such as allergies or compromised immune system issues. I went with a basic white front panel, as I’m planning to try the air purifier in a few spaces and wanted to air on the side of caution in terms of decor, but I honestly regret that choice—some cherry blossoms or a bit of Postimpressionism might have been nice.

In terms of actually using the device, it’s an easy setup and familiarization process. You can pretty much start using it right out of the box—all you need to do is discard the packing materials and then pop the front panel off the air purifier, exposing the filters inside that need to have protective film removed.

In auto mode, the A3 monitors the air at all times and adjusts its fan speed and to any of five settings as needed to scrub the air clean. Within auto mode, you can set the unit to one of three sensitivity settings, which is good, because it will regularly cycle to higher and lower speeds in its most sensitive mode, which can get annoying.

In manual mode, you set the fan speed you want, and things stay that way. You can also turn on the negative ions, set the color of the light on a bar going across the A3 or turn it off completely, and on the control interface where all this is going down, you will also find air quality indicators, filter status info, and your Wi-Fi connectivity status. 

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