The Eufy Mach V1 Ultra StickVac Can Vacuum, Mop, and Steam Hard Floors


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One of my favorite features on the Eufy MACH V1 Ultra StickVac (besides the fact that it vacuums, mops, steams, self-cleans, and looks good) is the LCD screen guide. It has an animated tutorial with voice prompts that walked me through all of the functions. I didn’t have to keep stopping to look at my phone or tablet for the “next steps,” which made it a lot easier to follow along. The animation can also be turned off if you don’t want to view it.

The LCD screen guide also displays the animation of the current mode that I’m in, as well as the battery level and charging status. This is also where I can view the cleanliness status of whatever surface I’m working on—for example, a red light bar when the floor is dirty, a blue light bar when the floor is clean.

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The vacuum cleaner has three modes: smart mode, steam mode, and suction mode. The smart mode is the default mode, designed for routine mopping of hard floors. Steam mode is recommended for sanitizing and removing built-in debris and stains from hard floors. Suction mode is used for picking up dust and debris from carpets.

The colored lights on the screen are also pretty cool, but they’re meant to be functional. For example, a scrolling red light means that the vacuum cleaner is preparing steam, a pulsing red light means the steam release is ready, and the steady red light displays when releasing steam (holding the trigger). The blue light on the clean water tank means the oxygen generator in the water tank has started producing oxygen to assist in cleaning and remove bacteria and mites.

The Eufy Clean App can be downloaded on your smartphone, but I didn’t really find this functional since this isn’t a robot vacuum that I can operate remotely. If I need to be standing over the vacuum and my hand is already on the handle bar, it’s much easier to just select the functions on the screen. The app only provides maintenance advice and update alerts.

My experience

Setup was quick and easy. As with most wet-dry vacuums, I needed to charge the Mach V1 Ultra for four hours before I could start testing it.

The vacuum can clean wet and dry messes at the same time, so I didn’t have to vacuum first and then retrace my steps to mop and steam. The SteamWave technology is quite impressive, and when selecting steam mode, it provides a constant heated steam to remove messes and stains from hard floors. (Note: Though the steam function is safe for use on carpets and may remove a few stains, Eufy recommends using steam mode on hard floors and suction mode on carpets and rugs.) The steam reaches a temperature of 230 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Eufy, in addition to removing grime, it can also remove 99.9% of germs, such as E. coli, S. aureus, athlete’s foot fungus, and even black mold.

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