The Clinton Grift Is Back, and Its Next Target Is Ukraine


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I regret to inform you that Bill and Hillary Clinton are back, and apparently, they’ve got the backing of the Pope. 

In a surreal scene on Monday, Pope Francis gave a benediction before the opening of this year’s Clinton Global Initiative, an organization that has been plagued with allegations of mismanagement and fraud over the last decade. In it, the Pope urged the world to tackle the problems of climate change and caring for children. 

Why the leader of the Catholic Church would want to be associated with such a horrendous organization is a bit of a mystery, even taking into account his left-wing viewpoints. 

Regardless, the Clintons have a new target: Ukraine. 

The need to “Keep Going” is the theme of this year’s Clinton Global Initiative, or CGI, as Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton say they will convene political, business and philanthropic leaders to build on the momentum of the conference’s return last year after a six-year hiatus.

“Giving up and giving in is a surefire guarantee that we will not make progress on the major challenges that face us,” Bill Clinton said in his opening statement. “Being distracted and majoring in the minors may be momentary good policy, but it’s a terrible way to run a railroad — or a country.”

CGI announced numerous new programs Monday that it hopes will gather new monetary commitments and engagement, including gender equality and continued support for the people of Ukraine.

Let me be clear to the people of Ukraine. You should run, not walk away from this offer of “help” from the Clintons because it will end very badly for you.

Recall that the Clinton Global Initiative took the lead in “rebuilding” Haiti after one of its major earthquakes left millions of people homeless and destitute. How’d that turn out? Well, the Clintons got even more fabulously wealthy while Haiti saw essentially no positive impact at all. In fact, all the corruption stemming from the “efforts” left the nation in such a poor state that it is now controlled by warring gangs. 

Peter Schweizer, who wrote a book called Clinton Cash outlining all the scandals involving the Clinton Global Initiative, is already sounding the alarm. 

“The problem is that the Clintons have turned [disaster relief] into disaster capitalism,” Schweizer said. “What we found is that the Clintons were doing a lot of relief work and then working with major corporations that wanted deals in countries that were having a war.”


“We had a whole chapter devoted to Haiti, and all you have to do is look at where Haiti is now and remember that both Bill and Hillary Clinton were singularly positioned to be in charge of the rebuild of Haiti after the earthquake,” Schweizer said. He noted, for example, that one of those contracts in Haiti went to Tony Rodham, Hillary’s brother.

It’s astonishing to me that the Clintons are able to continue this grift without any real pushback, either from the press or global leaders. What happened in Haiti was a moral (and should have been criminal) travesty. Ukraine is next in line, and will obviously become the new playground for corrupt elites. 

If you thought all the funding of the war was unaccountable and suspect, wait until you see the money that will get dumped into the country once the war ends, and in the end, it won’t be Ukrainians who will benefit. Rather, it’ll be people like the Clintons. Is it any wonder they and others are rooting for maximum destruction?

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Lisa Holden
Lisa Holden
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