The Cat Person movie poster must be a first, right?


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September 18, 2023, 10:36am

This week, I stumbled upon the poster for the new adaptation of Kristen Roupenian’s viral 2017 short story “Cat Person” and was astounded—but not really, or at least not exactly—to find that it was a very direct callback to the (much discussed) image that originally ran with the story in The New Yorker. I wondered: could this be a first? A film poster based on the art that a literary magazine paired with the source material?

Tell me if you’ve seen this before, but in the meantime, in case you’ve managed to wipe your brain clean in the intervening years (tell me your secrets), here’s the original image that ran with the story in The New Yorker:

cat person Photograph by Elinor Carucci for The New Yorker

And here’s the (a?) poster for the film adaptation, which comes out October 6:

cat person poster StudioCanal

(Now that I’ve put you through both, the real question is: which one is more disquieting?)

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Nicole Lambert
Nicole Lambert
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