Target Circle Week 2023: Everything to Buy From the Amazon Prime Day Competitor Event


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Have you head of Target Circle Week? Probably not. Amazon isn’t just the king of the e-commerce hill. It’s the entire royal court. But that hasn’t stopped other retailers from trying to crowd in on Amazon’s turf, and Walmart has made some promising inroads lately. (Who had Walmart being our best hope for competition on their late-capitalism bingo card?) Whenever Prime Day rolls around, the brick-and-mortar retailers of the world break out sales of their owns, which leads us to this: Target Circle Week, a week-long sales even that runs from July 9 to 15.

To make sure you really are getting the best discounts the internet has to offer, go ahead and put aside the dozen or so Amazon tabs you have open and navigate to Target’s site, pronto. Like Target’s previous Deal Days event, Target Circle Week 2023 represents the store’s attempt to steal a little bit of the ‘Zon’s spotlight, though the fact that this is maybe the first you’re hearing of it doesn’t bode particularly well for its chances. Mostly, it’s an effort to prove that Target—not exactly a mom-and-pop operation itself—can keep pace with its prime competitor, at least when it comes to drumming up a frenzy of online shopping activity. Needless to say, you don’t need a Prime membership, or even be a member of Target’s own loyalty program, to participate.

Can you actually expect “incredible savings on hundreds of thousands of items”, per the company’s endearingly peppy explainer? Kind of. There’s definitely a lot of stuff in the mix, but calling it incredible is a bit of a stretch — though there are more than a few great buys on big-name brands like Keurig, Dyson, and KitchenAid. Which is why we took a break from sifting through a seemingly endless array of Prime Day sales to…sift through yet another seemingly-endless array of Target sales. We can at least take comfort knowing that we’ve spared you the headache in the process.

Do I Need a Membership To Shop the Target Circle Sale 2023?

In order to shop the best Prime Day and Walmart sales, you need to be a Prime member and Walmart+ subscriber, respectively, and both membership programs have a recurring subscription fee. So will you need to be a Target Circle member to shop the Target Circle Week sale? Yes and no. Many deals are available to all shoppers, but some select savings (as well as some gift card bonuses), are only available to Target Circle members. Here’s the good news: Unlike Prime and Walmart+, a Target Circle membership is 100% free, and you can sign up without a credit card in a few clicks. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to qualify for some neat incentives, such as earning a $15 gift card for spending $50 or more on home goods.

If you do sign up for Target Circle, please note that many offers only appear during the checkout process. Check out the full list of Target Circle Week offers and look for on-page coupons to apply. Once you add the items to your cart, the discount will be automatically applied.

Below, we’ve carefully selected all the top Target Circle Week finds—from home goods to electronics to appliances and more—that are worth shopping before the sales event ends this Saturday. Buck up, Tar-Zhay: At least Amazon doesn’t have a cutesy nickname.

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