Tapper's Question About Biden Scandal – and Warren's Response – Aren't Going to Make Joe Happy


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Jake Tapper Elizabeth Warren Biden scandal

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) had an interesting conversation with CNN’s Jake Tapper, and one has to think that it’s not going to make Joe Biden or his team very happy.

The evidence is getting so much in the Biden family scandal, it’s hard for even liberal media like CNN to ignore it anymore. As we noted, there are now new bank records showing the Bidens received more than $20 million from foreign nationals connected to Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, among other countries. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) said that they will be subpoenaing the Bidens after they talk to a couple of other Hunter Biden business associates.

Even Jake Tapper is finding he can’t avoid it. On Thursday, he asked Warren about the revelations and the corruption.

“So far, we haven’t seen any direct evidence pointing to Joe Biden, President Biden, doing anything illegal,” Tapper said, trying to proceed with the question with a positive spin for Biden. There’s lots of “evidence” but far be it from journalist Jake Tapper to do his job and look at it.

“But I do wonder on a broader level, the 30,000-foot view of this, people close to Donald, I mean people close to Joe Biden, or people close to Donald Trump, but I’m talking about Joe Biden, making tens of millions of dollars because of their closeness to him. That can’t be something you like. That can’t be something that you’re comfortable with,” he asked.

Warren then said she always worried about the “influence peddlers in Washington.” She said that she spent a lot of time in Congress concentrating on “ethics.” She said we needed to bring more oversight in general. Whoops. That response isn’t going to go over well with the Biden team. But it’s also truly funny when you consider her statements about herself and her ethics.

Then her Democratic brain must have clicked in, and she tried to deflect by talking about the SCOTUS. “We’ve got a United States Supreme Court where people take gifts and don’t even report them, even though the law requires them to report,” Warren said. Yes, because the Biden family getting $20 million from people connected to foreign governments is exactly like a justice going on vacation with a buddy.

The internet had a field day with Warren’s tortured approach to the question.

That deflection isn’t going to cut it, and it’s pretty shameless to boot. She can’t explain — nor does she try to, because she knows she would sink like a stone — why the Bidens were getting that huge amount of money and just exactly what were they doing for it. She can’t explain why Joe Biden—when he was on a sanctioning binge on the Russian oligarchs because of the invasion of Ukraine—didn’t sanction Yelena Baturina, who gave $3.5 million to one of Hunter Biden and Devon Archer’s firms.

But the bottom line is that CNN having to raise this at all, albeit with the spin, is bad news for Joe Biden. That means things are starting to close in around Joe Biden when CNN is forced to pretend to do its job.

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