Talking to kids about drugs, tackling social media addiction and easing back-to-school anxiety


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SCREEN DETOX – A clinical psychologist shares how to know if you’re addicted to social media – and what to do. Continue reading…

‘SILENT CRISIS’ – Suicide rates have spiked to an all-time high. Mental health experts weigh in. Continue reading…

‘LIFE-SAVING’ MACHINE? Kim Kardashian touts the benefits of full-body MRI scans, but experts are skeptical. Continue reading…

Body scan - Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, reality star and media personality, is shown on the right; on the left, a patient prepares for an MRI.  (iStock/Nathan Congleton/NBC/Getty Images)

PATIENT CONSENT – Experts note the importance of physicians obtaining permission before using AI with patients. Continue reading…

‘RARE BUT FATAL’ – Brain-eating amoebas can enter the body through the nostrils while people are swimming in fresh water. Discover how to minimize your risk. Continue reading…

‘FAR-REACHING IMPLICATIONS’ – As parents prep for back-to-school season, here are tips for talking to kids about drug use. Continue reading…

Teen girl talking

Addiction experts stress the importance of “open, honest conversations” between parents and children to keep kids safe. (iStock)

‘VARIANT OF INTEREST’ – Eris is now the fastest-spreading COVID variant in the U.S. Here’s what to know. Continue reading…

‘TRAIN YOUR MIND’ – Athletic mental fitness coach Greg Harden shares six tips that Tom Brady and other greats have used. Continue reading…

BANISH BACK-TO-SCHOOL JITTERS – Check out smart ways for parents to ease anxiety as kids return to classrooms. Continue reading…

Back-to-school anxiety

Here’s how to make “stress-inducing situations” at school for kids less scary, with insights from experts. (iStock)








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