SUI token rising as Bullshark Quest 2 event is extended until Sept. 6


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  • At press time, the SUI token was trading at $0.5775, up 8.43% in the past 24 hours.
  • SUI has been trending since the Bullshark Quest 2 event started on July 28.
  • The Bullshark Quest 2 event features the two SUI reward pools, each offering unique opportunities for participants.

The price of SUI token has been on a recovery trend since August 18 partly because of the ongoing Bullshark Quest event 2 that was launched by Mysten Labs in collaboration with the Sui Foundation.

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 This eight-day extension of the Bullshark Quest event 2, which was originally supposed to end on August 29, aims to provide participants with a better chance to interact with decentralized finance (DeFi) dApps in more depth.

Bullshark Quest 2 brings together a variety of individuals ready to dig into the dynamic world of decentralized finance. This expanded time frame intends to promote deeper user engagement with the DeFi ecosystem by enabling users to thoroughly investigate and interact with the wide range of available offerings.

Bullshark Quest 2 event’s SUI reward pools

There are two SUI reward pools at the heart of the Bullshark Quest 2 event, each offering different chances for players. Each participant is only permitted to take part in one of these reward pools.

Pool 1 has 2.5 million SUI tokens to be shared among the top 5,000 players based on total points earned. Pool 2, on the other hand, has another 2.5 million SUI tokens to be shared among the remaining qualified participants.

The Bullshark Quests 2 event was launched on July 28th with a total reward pool of 5 million SUI tokens. The prolonged timeframe highlights the shared goal of Mysten Labs and the Sui Foundation to give consumers plenty of time to engage, navigate, and gain from their use.

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