Straw-Hatted South Carolina Retiree Gives the Accounting We All Need of What He Heard During F-35 Crash


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Earlier this week we were treated to the strange story concerning an F-35 that “went missing” Sunday mid-flight in South Carolina. 

Fortunately, the pilot was able to eject safely after what was said to be a “mishap.” However, the problem was that Joint Base Charleston was unable to locate the $80 million plane, hence their appeal to the public for any information that could help them find the missing fighter jet:

It was believed initially that the plane had been on auto-pilot, but a Joint Base Charleston spokesman told the media “that authorities did not know whether that was the case” and that they “were still investigating the matter.”

A debris field was located about 60 miles northeast of the base the next day, which turned out to be the crash site for the stealth aircraft, which undoubtedly lived up to its description.

As the investigation continues, people understandably have a lot to say about the situation, including 72-year-old South Carolina retiree Randolph White, who lives close by the area the Marines have locked down and who also animatedly told local news station WCBD what he heard the day of the crash:

“I was in the bathroom, taking a shave, and I heard a screeching. Between a screech and a whistle. I said, what in the world is this? And I heard a boom! Then my whole house shook,” he recalled.

White said he did not realize it was a plane at the time, so he did not call anyone.

“The first thought that came to me… I said well, did a meteorite come from outer space or something? And I said, well if it was an airplane it needs to be reported because that thing was flying just too low. I didn’t give it any other thought. I knew it was low because my house is pretty solid, and it shook,” White said.

The text doesn’t do Mr. White’s comments justice, but the video sure does. Watch and listen as it sounds like he’s doing what some have described as his best James Brown impersonation in giving his account of the sounds he heard that day:

It’s only a matter of time before this sweet man and “I heard a boom!” become memes that we’ll see on social media sites for many years to come. If nothing else good comes from all of this, at least we have that, right?

For those interested, you can watch the full interview Mr. White did below:

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