Spain's Supreme Court Rules: Gender Theory in Schools Now A-OK.


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I’ve never been to Spain. But I kind of like the music.

Nowadays, though, Spain has veered a long ways away from the country that gave the world El Cid, King James of Aragon, and Miguel De Cervantes. Now Spain’s Supreme Court has ruled that the nation’s schools may continue teaching radical gender theory in Spanish schools.

Spain’s Supreme Court has re-confirmed that the nation’s public schools are to press on in their mission to promote postmodern gender identity nonsense.

The ruling came after the court dismissed an appeal presented by the Catholic Confederation of Parents and Parents of Students (CONCAPA), in which the latter protested a Royal Decree (157/2022, March 1st).

The decree established requirements for a “gender perspective” in public primary education, to the detriment (albeit not outright elimination) of religious instruction in schools.

The court, for its part, found that this was compatible with the country’s constitutional guarantee to religious freedom, thereby ruling against CONCAPA’s appeal. Indeed, the Supreme Court cited that the decree disallowed religious discrimination, arguing that CONCAPA’s case “seems to be based not on the regulation contained in the Royal Decree under appeal, which expressly prohibits what the plaintiff fears, but on its subsequent practical application.”

I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on television, but this seems like some pretty tortuous reasoning.

…In other words, CONCAPA is denouncing “future, and therefore hypothetical, actions.” The court, therefore, found itself unable to rule on “any uncertainty that may arise in the interpretation and practical application” of the decree, stating that “we cannot now resolve in advance any possible future non-compliances.”

The appeal also argued that the decree’s terminology violated the educational system’s neutrality. Terms like “gender equality” or “gender perspective,” CONCAPA maintained, are ideological constructs.

The Supreme Court, however, washed its hands of this debate, referring to “European Union standards,” which apparently have established that such terms do not trespass into ideological terrain. This is to say that the terms represent official EU (and U.S., and UN, for that matter) ideology, and so are not up for questioning by the lowly likes of Spanish legal authorities.

So the Spanish Supreme Court threw the whole thing in the European Union’s lap. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Spain has been a Catholic nation since there has been a Catholic Church, even through the Moorish occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, so this ruling comes as a bit of a surprise. And Catholics in Spain may do well to take a hard look at the direction in which their country is headed.

…Catholics who take their beliefs seriously will need to take the predicament they’re in seriously as well, understanding that the legal system is, by and large, against them.

This action looks an awful lot like the Spanish Supreme Court was looking for a way to justify their desired outcome, and that last bit about “official EU ideology” being “…not up for questioning” smells a lot like buck-passing.

This is what the pro-“gender theory” Left has in store for the United States, given their druthers. California Governor and hair-gel model Gavin Newsom is on record threatening California school districts who do not toe the leftist party line, and cries of “book-banning” greet every attempt to remove some pretty explicit content from school libraries.

It’s hard to muster up too much heartache over Europe, which has been on a downhill slide ever since World War 2. But this should serve as an important object lesson for Americans, as this is the direction Democrats and the Biden/Harris Administration want us to go. The schools angle is particularly troubling, as many folks (myself among them) don’t much care what other adults get up to, so long as they leave the rest of us alone, but indoctrinating kids into these theories in taxpayer-funded school is a horse of a very different color.

Our primary education system should be teaching reading, writing (look at Twitter if you want to see how good a job they are doing there), arithmetic, American history, and the (hard) sciences. They have no business teaching any of the various screwball “studies” that don’t add anything towards the goal of producing young people with marketable skills. Although, sadly, even here in America, that ship may have already sailed.

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