‘Sold His Soul to the Devil’: Barack Obama’s Estranged Brother Malik Shares Throwback Photo of the Former President, Calls Him a ‘Snake’ and a ‘Trader’ In Twitter Rant


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Former President Barack Obama is no longer in office, but the disdain his half-brother Malik Obama felt for him during his two terms remains the same.

The self-proclaimed proud Republican renewed interest in the hard feelings he harbors towards Barack after firing off a series of tweets lambasting his sibling.

Barack Obama is accused of being a snake in his half-brother Malik Obama’s fiery Twitter rant. (Photos: Barackobama/Instagram and Obamamalik/Twitter.)

Barack Obama is accused of being a snake in his half-brother Malik Obama’s fiery Twitter rant. (Photos: Barackobama/Instagram and Obamamalik/Twitter.)

He began on Aug. 13 when he wrote, “Me and Fake a— a snake (President Barack Obama) when he was a nobody,” along with a throwback photo of them in Kenyan garb. The next day, he commented, “Before he became a SNOB,” on the post.

The vitriol spilled into more tweets that read, “I just wanted to be Fake a— a snakes (President Barack Obama)’s big brother but he rejected me. He (President Barack Obama) is fake as a snake and is a TRAITOR,” and “HE HAS SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL.”

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One person concluded the rift between them was a byproduct of “Jealousy , plain old jealousy. @BarackObama sought out his family after losing his father. He found love but also a tangled web. They were each other’s best men. I speculate he expected too much of his brother,perhaps he was lent money for some hairbrained scheme & cut off.”

Another person told Malik, “You are just a loser, trying too use the LEGENDARY Barack Obama’s name to sell your book.”

When another tweeter offered to help facilitate a reconciliation, Malik responded, “That guy thinks he’s GOD. Trust me I TRIED!”

The men, who share a father, Barack H. Obama Sr., were once close, according to a 2013 GQ feature on Malik. Three years later, a shift had taken place. Barack was head of state from January 2009, when he was inaugurated, to January 2017, when Donald Trump became president.

In 2016, Malik told Fox’s Sean Hannity that he enjoyed a good rapport with his younger brother until he was elected president. He cited difficulties in communication and an inability to call him as part of the issue. Yet he also admitted to being invited to the White House at least once every year.

“Before he was running for office, he was everybody’s friend. I think that office has changed him,” said Malik as he claimed Barack had been sucked “into the matrix.” He went on to express disappointment in the former president’s alleged lack of humility.

In that interview, Malik also declared his vote for Trump. At the time, the Republican candidate was campaigning against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. One of Trump’s ploys to net reactions was to gain the support of those who opposed his detractors.

Malik was among those who Trump invited to his final presidential debate in Las Vegas that October. The native Kenyan attended. His support for the disgraced politician remains as Trump seeks reelection in 2024.

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