Solawave Wand Review: 6 Editors Try the New Device, With Before & After Photos


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How often did you use the Solawave wand?

I used it every day. Some days I did it in the morning instead of the evening. And I’ll be honest; after about two weeks, I skipped a day here and there, but not often.

Was the Solawave wand easy to use?

I found the directions a little hard to understand, and frustrating. The speed with which the light moves across the skin will make a difference, and I didn’t think the documentation was very helpful. It gave directions for the pattern to use on four areas of very different sizes; cheeks were together in one, forehead was another, then the neck and undereyes. Then in a later paragraph said to spend 3 minutes per area. But the undereye is so much smaller than both cheeks; it wasn’t comfortable to have the light on that skin for that long. 

The only videos on their site were TikToks, so I wasn’t sure how reliable they were. I ended up just slowly moving the device in the pattern they suggested.

I wasn’t in love with the serum in combination with the device. I applied a couple of dots to one area at a time, but before I was halfway through using the wand, the serum had begun to dry and was sticky; the device head would drag instead of glide. To get the serum to reconstitute, I’d pat my skin with damp fingers. After I was done, I tended to use a damp cloth to wipe my skin because the serum was kind of unpleasant. I experimented with using the device with other skin products, like a moisturizing cream, and those stayed moist and I could continue to glide.

The device buzzes to let you know three minutes have passed, but that was never in play. I had to stop to reconstitute the serum, and I couldn’t do my face in one session, so I just turned it off whenever I needed to pause. 

Did you notice an immediate or gradual difference in your skin?

Gradual is the word here. I did feel that after about two weeks, I felt a small difference. Many of my wrinkles are “real” wrinkles, created by the movement of muscles under the skin; they weren’t going anywhere. But the surface wrinkles did seem to be smaller. My cleaning lady told me I was looking younger! But I’ve also had good results with simply using a moisturizer and exfoliator. 

Would you recommend this device to a friend? 

I’m not sure I would. You really need to keep it up, and spending 12 minutes a day with this was frankly boring. And the difference wasn’t quite huge enough for me. The one place I did like it, oddly enough, is on my neck. I’m not sure the photos show it, and maybe i’m making it up, but my neck seemed a tad firmer. Since my neck is the first place to show off my recent weight loss, I’m kind of vain about it. 

Danielle Sinay, associate beauty editor

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