Snapchat launches a new AI selfie feature called ‘Dreams’


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Snapchat is launching a new generative AI feature called “Dreams” that allows users to create fantastical images of themselves in different scenarios, such as a mermaid in a deep-seascape or a renaissance era royal. The official roll out comes a week after TechCrunch reported that Snapchat was gearing up to launch the feature.

To get started with Dreams, users have to head to Memories, where there’s a new tab for Dreams. With a few selfies, you can create a personalized Generative AI model and start checking out your Dreams. Users will get the first pack of Dreams, which includes eight images, for free. Afterwards, users can purchase additional packs for $1.

Soon, Dreams will be able to feature you and any friend who has also opted in.

Dreams is first available starting slowly in Australia and New Zealand, and will be coming to all users globally over the next few weeks, Snapchat says.

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Image Credits: Snapchat

With this new feature, Snapchat is giving its users access to a concept that many AI photo apps on the App Store already offer. One of these apps is called Lensa, and it climed the App Store charts after its “magic avatars” went viral late last year. Another popular app, called Remini, went viral last month as TikTok users realized they could upload their selfies in order to receive professional-looking headshots for LinkedIn without having to pay for a pro photo shoot.

The launch of the new feature doesn’t come as a surprise, as Dreams was first spotted earlier this spring, when reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi revealed the feature would allow users to place their own likeness into realms powered by generative AI.

The addition of Dreams further expands Snapchat’s generative AI features. Earlier this year, the company launched its AI-powered chatbot My AI, which can now respond with a Snap back, not just text.

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