Sikh store owner goes viral for beating armed robber with stick in California


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A Sikh store owner has gone viral on social media for fighting off an armed robber attempting to steal a trash can full of cigarettes at a 7-Eleven in California.

The viral incident: In a video circulating on social media, a thief whose face is concealed with a blue cloth can be seen rummaging through the store’s shelves and tossing tobacco products into a large garbage bin. When the store owner tries to intervene and threatens to call the police, the thief, who wields a knife in his pocket, warns him to back up.

The person recording the incident from behind a plastic partition also tells the store owner not to intervene. “Just let him go. There ain’t nothing you can do. They’re not going to do nothing,” he says before asking if the owner has insurance.

As the robber tries to leave, a store employee grabs hold of his arms as the store owner hits the man with a stick, delivering more than 20 blows to his body despite the man’s pleas for mercy.

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Warning: The video below contains violent imagery that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

The exact location and date of the incident are unclear. It is also currently unknown if police were involved after the beating.

Internet reactions: The video quickly went viral on social media, with viewers applauding the store owner for stepping up. Netizens praised him and his store employee for their actions.

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“This is what we do to criminals in most parts of the world. Soft, stupid, woke liberal policies have made America dangerous for law-abiding citizens,” conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong tweeted.

“While I am not the type to promote violence I am a strong believer in being able to defend what is yours. If it takes violence to prevent that, then so be it. I’m glad the store owners are safe, he had what looks like a knife in his back pocket. Lock him up!” another Twitter user said.

Other users also offered legal funds to the store owner if a case is filed against him.

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“If the Sikh guys get sued, post the legal fund so I can give to it,” one user wrote.

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