Shocking Picture of Illegal Aliens Sleeping in Chicago Police Station Shows How Badly Biden Has Failed


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Joe Biden has let the border crisis and the influx of illegal aliens get completely out of control. 

We’ve written a lot on the question of how he’s dealt with the problem. About a week ago, I wrote about how petty Joe Biden was when it came to the issue of the southern border wall. Former President Donald Trump completed about 450 miles of the wall and had more planned with material set to go. But then when Joe Biden came in he immediately stopped it, and paid out millions to have it not built, with the material just sitting unused. Then when the Senate passed a bill that included a provision for usage of that material for the wall or to give to the states for the wall, Biden started quietly selling off the material at a loss, in the event the House also passed the bill and he might be forced to use the material. That’s the petty guy we have in the White House right now who does not have the best interests of the country at heart. 

But his bad policy and open borders have led to a disaster everywhere, as cities have been overwhelmed by the influx of illegal aliens. I saw a picture on Monday that is just a striking shot of where Biden’s policies have left us. This is reportedly the 12th District police station in Chicago. 

16th & 17th District Chicago Police Scanner which reports on crime in the area noted: 

These conditions are inhumane. This is dehumanizing to the people living here and not conducive to migrants, officers and citizens who are seeking police service.You would think with all of this time and funding, Chicago would have figured out a better alternative. An audit of where all the money went should be called for considering we’re still seeing this in a supposed world class city. Simply put, this isn’t okay.

Indeed. How can you do your job with people sleeping in your lobby? And if you look closely, they’re right next to cubicles where people are presumably working with their computers. How is anything secure and how do you get your work done? This is just crazy. 

But it gets worse. This isn’t just one station — people are staying in police stations all over the city. At last count, it was 1,100 people, with more likely on the way. According to the head of the Fraternal Order of Police, the police are up in arms over this and want City Hall to take some in, so they know what it’s like. 

“I don’t think there’s one single one of ’em living in City Hall — whether it’s on the county lobby floor or the City Hall floor. There’s certainly plenty of space to put a couple hundred in there, but I don’t see that happening in their workspace. But they certainly have no problem putting ’em in our workspace,” Catanzara said. “Why be a hypocrite?”

Catanzara said it was “so ridiculous” that “there’s actually mail. Migrants are using police district addresses to receive their mail. They now have CPS out there recruiting migrant children to register for CPS just to have that number in the next two weeks to grab as much tax revenue as they possibly can. Whether these kids come to school or not, they don’t care. This is all a big game to far too many people.”

There have also been allegations about police having improper sexual relations with aliens in the 10th District. 

Mayor Brandon Johnson claimed that dealing with the problem was his top priority in the middle of July. Since it’s only gotten worse, one has to doubt what Johnson is saying. But truly while Johnson is a failure, at the root of it, the problem flows down from Biden. If he shut the door and properly policed the border, you wouldn’t have this problem. This is Joe Biden’s America. It’s on him and his fellow Democrats. What will they do in response to this? Probably try to indict former President Donald Trump again. 

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