Senior Biden Official Reportedly Donated to Campaign of Virginia Democrat Who Filmed Pornographic Videos


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A high-level Biden administration official reportedly donated to the campaign of Susanna Gibson, a Democratic candidate running for a delegate position in Virginia who recently became the subject of controversy over being featured in X-rated videos online. The donation has garnered attention due to the revelations about the candidate.

Jeanne Duross, the senior ethics counsel in the White House Personnel Office, is reported to have given $1,000 to Gibson’s campaign.

A senior ethics attorney for President Biden donated to the campaign of a Virginia Democrat facing heat after livestreaming sex acts with her husband online, Fox News Digital has discovered.

According to a Fox News Digital review of state campaign finance records, Jeanne Duross, senior ethics counsel in the White House’s Presidential Personnel Office, donated $1,000 to Democrat Susanna Gibson’s campaign on Oct. 30, 2022.

The Presidential Personnel Office helps “President Biden recruit, vet, and nominate thousands of highly qualified appointees who work to advance the Biden-Harris agenda in federal agencies across the U.S. government,” the White House’s website states.

Gibson, a 40-year-old nurse practitioner and mother of two, has been in the middle of the firestorm after The Washington Post revealed Monday that she used a platform called Chaturbate to stream the sex acts with her husband and solicited “tips” from viewers for performing specific actions that would go to a “good cause.”

The embattled Democrat posted over a dozen videos in September 2022 after officially entering the race in suburban Richmond for the House of Delegates in the 57th district.

The candidate was thrust onto the national stage after her activities were revealed. Many on the left defended Gibson, lauding her as a champion for reproductive rights. Virginia State Sen. L. Louise Lucas called on voters to “make this the biggest fundraising day of [Gibson’s] campaign.”

In another post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, she noted that the candidate “crossed over 100 donations today to fight back against the Republicans” and urged her followers to “donate tonight.”

In a recent op-ed, author Samantha Willis claimed the criticism against Gibson was “rooted in misogyny.” She wrote:

The question is, why should it matter that this married mom engaged in consensual sex with her husband and invited others to watch online? There’s nothing illegal about adults live streaming sexual acts and there’s no evidence Gibson or her husband were coerced into doing so. The pearl-clutching and head shaking that the revelation of Gibson’s videos were meant to prompt stem from a bedrock of American culture: patriarchal standards that dictate what morality means and how it is exemplified in our ideals and practices – with a special laser focus on women’s behavior.

I smell more than a whiff of misogyny in the social media comments circulating like wildfire about Gibson, and sadly, women appear to be some of the chief water bearers.

For her part, Gibson has fired back at her critics, slamming the reports as an “illegal invasion of my privacy intended to shame me” and accusing Republicans of “committing a sex crime just to target me and my family.”

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