Sen. Fetterman Attends Meeting With Zelensky in a Shirt and Gym Shorts


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The Senate wardrobe controversy shows no signs of slowing as Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA), continues traipsing around the Capitol building looking more like a hobo jumping trains across the country than a United States lawmaker. In this episode of “Low Fashion in High Office,” Fetterman was seen walking into a Senate closed-door meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky looking as if he just left the bowling alley.

This comes days after the Senate eliminated its dress code to accommodate Fetterman, who suffers from clinical depression. Of course, aides, employees, and other congressional peasants, some of whom might also be suffering from clinical depression, are still required to wear formal business attire. Can’t have the plebes running around in jeans and T-shirts, right?

The footage showing the Senator strolling into the meeting ignited fierce reactions from people across the political spectrum.

Interestingly enough, Zelensky was not exactly gussied up for the meeting either. Perhaps this was Fetterman’s way of showing solidarity with the beleaguered Ukrainian leader? After all, he did state that if Republicans vote to continue writing blank checks to Ukraine, he would actually wear a suit and tie like a regular person

Fetterman seems to be trying to rack up embarrassment points. It was bad enough that he had so little regard for the Senate or serving the American people that he couldn’t be bothered to wear pants, let alone work attire, that he walked around in hoodies and gym shorts. Then the Senate passed rules doing away with the dress code, seemingly to accommodate his recalcitrance. 

Then he compounded the situation by attacking his fellow members of Congress, making vile comments about them including talking about “ding-a-lings,” “grabbing the hog,” and “humping” a leg. The man seems to be strangely obsessed with talking about men’s penises. Now that it’s easier to understand what he’s saying, people can see what a disgusting troll he truly is. 

But Fetterman didn’t stop there. Because a lot of Democrats seemed to cheer him being vile (which says a lot about where they’re at), Fetterman now seems to think behaving like a jackass is desirable behavior for a senator. He issued a formal statement and posted on X with an offer for Republicans about what they could do to make him wear pants. 

Fetterman has been roundly criticized for his odd fashion choices. Apparently, there are still some Americans left who believe in maintaining certain standards of decorum and professionalism. The Senator’s choice of clothing has been seen as a disregard for norms and responsibility among lawmakers.

So far, none of the other senators in our legislature have shown up wearing less-than-formal attire, so it further highlights the reality that the Senate changed an entire rule just to accomodate one lawmaker. That shows just how ridiculous our government has become. Indeed, I discussed this issue in another piece: Our lawmakers can figure out how to make it so that they can wear hoodies and shorts on the floor, but continue failing when it comes to providing actual solutions for the American people.

Ultimately, our lawmakers’ choice in clothing isn’t as serious an issue as, say, continued funding for Ukraine and the economic woes plaguing millions of Americans. Indeed, most would rather have a poorly-dressed Congress that actually did something worthwhile, than a sharply-dressed legislature that spends its time making sure that they can wear hoodies and shorts to work.

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Lisa Holden
Lisa Holden
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