Report: The Obamas 'Working' to Take Biden 'Out' of Race, Barack Telling Him to Quit


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There have been multiple reports about Barack Obama and his aides being worried about how Joe Biden and his teams were conducting their campaign. 

Obama was supposedly worried about the strength of Donald Trump and that the Biden campaign wasn’t hitting the ground running. Obama aides put a sharper point on that, admitting that the “bromance” with Joe Biden was always exaggerated and that the Biden campaign “didn’t have its s— together,”

There were also suggestions from some, like Cindy Adams, that Michelle Obama might wiggle into the race and that she was “terrified” of what could happen. 


NEW: Obama Aides Dish More on Biden’s Campaign, Claim It Doesn’t ‘Have Its Sh*t Together’

Report: Obama Worried About 2024 Biden Campaign, Aides Dish on Tension Between Camps

Is Michelle Obama About to ‘Wiggle Into’ the 2024 Presidential Race?

Now, interestingly, the Obama reports are getting more pointed in the attacks on Biden, as our sister site PJ Media explained, citing a report from Radar Online.

Insiders “snitched” that tensions exploded between Obama and Biden when an “irate Obama rushed to a secret meeting and confronted Biden about his fading chances to fend off surging Republican candidate Donald Trump in the upcoming November election.” 

“Obama read Joe the riot act,” spilled a Beltway insider to the National Enquirer. “He told him to up his game or step aside for a candidate who can win the race.” [….]

In desperation, sources said Obama bellowed at bumbling Biden to go on the attack — and make sure trusted aides are constantly by his side on the campaign trail to keep them from committing the disastrous gaffes that have defined his presidency. [….]

“The Obamas are convinced Joe’s lost his grip,” confided the insider. “He looks more feeble and clueless every day, and they know he’s lost the confidence of the public.”

After the “frightening episode” when Biden forgot what he was doing while placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and had to be directed by soldiers on duty, sources say Obama huddled with David Axelrod. 

“Obama is letting Axelrod be his public mouthpiece about Joe’s incompetence and declining mental capacities,” dished the insider. “Meanwhile, he and Michelle are working behind the scenes to take him out.”

Axelrod, of course, has been warning that Joe should get out and that he may lose if he doesn’t. Biden alleged referred to him as a “pr**k.” 


David Axelrod Has More to Say About Biden’s Chances – The Powers That Be Should Listen

David Axelrod Doesn’t Back Down After Biden Reportedly Calls Him Nasty Name, Says ‘Get Out or Get Going

Biden’s confusion and problems are now going to get a lot more attention as the race heats up, and the pressure on the Democrats to do something to save the race is going to heat up as well. I believe the rumors about Michelle Obama about replacing Biden because why should she? She now has fame and a ton of money without having to be bothered  But expect more pressure and stories as Democrats cast around to figure out how to get out of the mess they have created for themselves. 

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