Real Fringe Hair Bands Empowers Hair Loss Patients with New Confidence-Boosting Accessories


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Real Fringe Hair Bands offers confidence-boosting accessories for hair loss patients, empowering them to feel confident.

Watsonia, VIC, Australia, July 13, 2023 / LinkDaddy News / – Real Fringe Hair Bands, a leading wig shop in Australia, is on a mission to empower individuals suffering from hair loss. Founded by Nicole DeMatos, an oncology nurse with over two decades of experience, Real Fringe Hair Bands aims to provide confidence-boosting accessories for cancer and alopecia patients. These innovative hair bands not only help conceal hair loss but also offer a renewed sense of self-worth and normalcy to those in need.

Real-Fringe-Hair-Bands-2Since its establishment, Real Fringe Hair Bands has strived to make a positive impact on the lives of patients who have experienced a loss of self-confidence due to hair loss. Nicole DeMatos, the founder of Real Fringe Hair Bands, has witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by countless patients undergoing cancer treatments and has dedicated herself to improving the lives of these individuals.

“I have been an oncology nurse since 2000, and throughout my career, I have seen patients battling with the physical and emotional side effects of cancer treatments,” said Nicole DeMatos, founder of Real Fringe Hair Bands. “Real Fringe Hair Bands was born out of a deep desire to empower these individuals and provide them with a solution that helps them regain their self-confidence and sense of normalcy.”

Real-Fringe-Hair-Bands-3Real Fringe Hair Bands specializes in creating high-quality hair bands specifically designed to cater to the needs of cancer and alopecia patients. These accessories are designed to seamlessly blend with existing hair and provide a natural-looking fringe that helps conceal hair loss. The hair bands are made from premium-quality real hair sourced ethically and are available in various styles and shades to suit individual preferences and needs.

The unique design of Real Fringe Hair Bands allows for easy wear and comfort, making them suitable for everyday use or for special occasions. Each hair band is meticulously handcrafted to ensure durability, while also being lightweight and adjustable for a perfect fit. The user-friendly design ensures that patients can easily wear and remove the hair band without any discomfort or inconvenience.

Real Fringe Hair Bands are not only a practical solution for hair loss, but they also serve as a symbolic expression of strength and resilience. By wearing these hair bands, patients are not only able to regain their confidence but also showcase their determination to overcome the challenges they face.

“Real Fringe Hair Bands go beyond being just an accessory. They are a symbol of strength and empowerment,” said Nicole DeMatos. “We wanted to create something that not only helps patients cope with their hair loss but also serves as a reminder of their resilience and ability to overcome adversity.”

In addition to providing confidence-boosting accessories, Real Fringe Hair Bands is also dedicated to giving back to the community. The company actively encourages individuals to donate their hair to create these empowering accessories for cancer patients. Through their “Donate Hair Australia” initiative, Real Fringe Hair Bands has been able to source high-quality hair that is transformed into hair bands, providing hope and support to those facing hair loss.

Real Fringe Hair Bands and Confident Locks®, the flagship products of the company, are expected to bring a positive change in the lives of countless cancer and alopecia patients, helping them regain their self-confidence and embrace their individuality. With a commitment to excellence and compassion, Real Fringe Hair Bands aims to make a real impact on the lives of customers, one hair band at a time.

About Real Fringe Hair Bands

Real Fringe Hair Bands was founded by Nicole DeMatos, a dedicated oncology nurse, with the aim of empowering individuals suffering from hair loss. With a focus on cancer and alopecia patients, Real Fringe Hair Bands provides confidence-boosting accessories designed to offer a renewed sense of self-worth and normalcy. Committed to making a positive impact, Real Fringe Hair Bands encourages individuals to donate their hair through their “Donate Hair Australia” initiative, sourcing premium-quality hair to create empowering accessories for those in need.

For more information about Real Fringe Hair Bands and to explore their range of confidence-boosting accessories, please visit

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Company Name: Real Fringe Hair Bands
Phone: 0408 301 182
Address: PO Box 221 Watsonia Victoria 3087 Australia

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