Paris Hilton Says She 'Can't Wait' to Give Son Phoenix a Sister


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Paris Hilton is loving every moment of being a mom to son Phoenix. “I can’t wait till he can walk and talk,” she gushes in the new issue of Us Weekly. “I can’t wait for all of the holidays — and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus and being able to live my childhood again. I’m such a kid at heart, and I’m just so excited for all those moments and seeing the world through his eyes.”

Hilton, 42, secretly welcomed Phoenix in January via surrogate with her husband of nearly two years, Carter Reum, also 42. (She didn’t even tell her mom, Kathy Hilton, about the baby until he’d already arrived!) “Being a mom is something that I’ve always dreamed about. It’s been the most special and incredible experience of my life,” says the media mogul. “To have [worked] so hard [to] build this beautiful life and be able to give my son just the most magical experiences and adventures — I can’t wait for all of that.”

In August 2021, three months before her wedding to Reum, the Simple Life alum opened up about their plans to start a family— and her decision to freeze her eggs — with Tamron Hall. “I’m just so happy that Carter and I decided to do that, like, six months into our relationship. We knew we were forever right away,” she said at the time. “I’m so happy I did it during the pandemic when the world was shut down. I was at home the whole time, and I have tons of eggs ready, embryos.”

Hilton later revealed that she’d gone through the in vitro fertilization process seven times. “We just kept getting boys every time,” she explained on her podcast “I Am Paris” in June, adding that she’s eager to have a girl as well.

“It’s exciting to be a mom,” says Hilton.
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Hilton tells Us that she “can’t wait” to give Phoenix a baby sister, but for now, she’s happily soaking in every moment with her little boy. “When I look in his eyes, my heart melts. He’s so sweet and innocent and lights up my life in so many ways,” gushes the Paris in Love star. “He is just my little angel. This has been the best time.”

After launching a new multiplatform global entertainment company, 11:11 Media, in 2021, “the biggest challenge is just finding the balance between work and family time,” says Hilton, who tries to spend “all” of her downtown with Reum and Phoenix. “I love sitting with them and playing games and reading books,” she shares. “My sister [Nicky Hilton Rothschild] always says you don’t wanna miss all those moments … because they are so incredibly special. It goes by so fast.”

In July, Hilton opened up about being a working mom, telling Us she’s found that having children doesn’t mean sacrificing your ambitions. “It means finding that perfect harmony, showing your little one what it means to be a strong, independent woman,” she explained. “I believe in embracing the balance, knowing it’s okay to prioritize yourself and your passions alongside motherhood. We moms are superheroes, capable of achieving our goals and being kick-ass businesswomen, artists, or whatever we set our minds to.” She added, “Juggling mom life and my career can be a challenge, but I’m figuring it out day by day.”

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“The newborn stage was full of surprises,” Hilton said in July.
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So far, it’s been an absolute blast. “I didn’t expect how much love I could feel for such a tiny human,” gushed Hilton, adding that she’s found it “fascinating” to watch Phoenix grow. “I never imagined my little one would have such a personality at this age. He’s such a happy baby and always has a huge smile on his face.”

Hilton has also passed her passion for music onto her little one. “He loves going to his music classes and playing the drums,” she shared. “His latest milestones are just adorable! And he just started eating solids and loves puree peaches. My heart is so full, and my life feels so complete. Every moment with my baby is like pure magic!”

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