Orange Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer Defends Clients Accused of Self-Checkout Theft at Walmart


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Trusted Orange Beach attorney defends clients accused of self-checkout theft at Walmart with expert legal counsel.

Foley, AL, June 21, 2023 / LinkDaddy News / – Jordan Copeland, a leading criminal defense lawyer in Orange Beach, is defending clients accused of self-checkout theft at Walmart. With the increasing number of self-checkout stations at Walmart and other retailers, instances of theft have become more widespread. Copeland is committed to ensuring that his clients receive a fair trial and a just outcome.

Orange-Beach-Criminal-Defense-Lawyer-2“Walmart has become increasingly aggressive in prosecuting self-checkout theft,” said Copeland. “However, many innocent people have been wrongly accused of this crime. I am here to defend their rights and ensure that justice is served.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Copeland has extensive experience defending clients accused of various crimes, including theft, DUI, drug offenses, and more. He is committed to providing the highest level of legal representation and fighting tirelessly for his clients’ rights.

“I understand the stress and anxiety that come with being accused of a crime,” added Copeland. “That’s why I work closely with my clients to guide them through the legal process and ensure their voices are heard.”

Orange-Beach-Criminal-Defense-Lawyer-3According to Copeland, the issue of self-checkout theft is becoming more prevalent, and he expects to see more cases in the coming years. Walmart and other retailers are investing in new technology to combat theft, including cameras and sensors that detect when items are not properly scanned or removed from bags without being paid for.

However, these technologies are not infallible, and innocent people can still be wrongly accused of theft. Copeland is committed to providing a strong legal defense to ensure that his clients’ rights are protected and they receive a fair trial.

“We will vigorously investigate every aspect of the case to ensure that the prosecution has met the burden of proof,” said Copeland. “If there is any doubt, we will fight to have the charges dismissed and protect our clients’ rights.”

For clients who have been arrested for self-checkout theft or any other crime, Copeland offers a free initial consultation. During this consultation, clients can discuss their case with Copeland and learn more about their legal options.

About Orange Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

Orange Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer is a leading criminal defense law firm located in Foley, AL. Led by attorney Jordan Copeland, the firm provides aggressive legal representation to clients accused of various crimes, including theft, DUI, drug offenses, and more. Copeland is committed to fighting tirelessly for his clients’ rights and ensuring that justice is served. 

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