Olivia Rodrigo's Mini Skirt Is a Piece of Runway History


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Olivia Rodrigo loves a vintage fashion moment. Her outfits are often older than she is, promoting her work and attending award shows in ‘90s Vivienne Westwood and early aughts Versace. Even when she opts for a more modern design, she can’t help but wear something with a decidedly vintage aesthetic. Rodrigo has kept up this pattern while promoting her sophomore album, Guts, and the singer has proven this wasn’t just a flash in the pan trend for her—she just really loves a really old piece of clothing. And while the 20-year-old has had some fun style moments over the past few weeks, her latest ensemble might just take the cake, proving that while Rodrigo has one firm grasp on fashion history, she has another on the current TikTok zeitgeist.

The look in question is a white, cropped button down shirt, paired with an orange, sequined mini skirt, both pieces from Todd Oldham’s spring 1995, worn by Shalom Harlow and Amber Valetta, respectively. Now, this choice of outfit is notable for a few reasons. It’s, of course, a reminder of Oldham, a prolific ‘90s American fashion designer, known for his festive clothes, co-hosting MTV’s House of Style, and party-like shows, which featured the biggest names of the moment both on and off the runway. Oldham’s clothes are often referenced on the red carpet, with Zendaya’s 2022 Oscar look finding inspiration from his 1995 show. But since he shuttered his line back in 1997 memories of his brand have faded in the zeitgest, and it takes someone more in the know than your average TikTok fashion historian to spot a vintage Oldham look.

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Or at least it used to. In the past year or so, Oldham has gained an appreciation among a younger set on TikTok, and it’s thanks to the spring 1995 collection, specifically. A clip featuring Harlow and Valetta closing out the show has been circulated for years, but has gone especially viral in recent months. In the video, Harlow overtakes Valetta on the runway, before the two synchronize for one final dramatic turn. Valetta actually spoke about “the infamous Todd Oldham show” during a recent Vogue interview. “I don’t know why I was walking so ‘extra slouchy,” she said, referencing a comment Harlow made about Valetta’s performance. “[Harlow] was walking extra saucy,” Valetta continued. “She was just on fire. She was feeling it.”

Clearly, Rodrigo is bringing some of that same saucy energy to her own wearing, and she has her new stylist, Jared Ellner to thank for that. Ellner is behind the looks of all the young It girls of Hollywood at the moment, including Emma Chamberlain, Sabrina Carpenter, and Phoebe Bridgers. Now, he can add Rodrigo to his roster, and clearly he’s up for the task, having borrowed the 28-year-old pieces from Oldham himself. It seems like we can likely expect some more impressive pulls from Rodrigo and Ellner in our future.

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