Olivia Rodrigo releases ‘get him back!’ video, filmed on iPhone 15 Pro


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We don’t know who Olivia Rodrigo is trying to get revenge on, but she’s surely going to “get him back!” by being one of the first people to get her hands on the recently announced iPhone 15 Pro. Shortly after the end of Apple’s fall event, the Gen Z superstar songwriter dropped a music video for “get him back!” that was filmed on the newest iPhone.

Of course, the video looks great. The video was shot by director Jack Begert, who has worked with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Paul McCartney, in collaboration with Apple. They weren’t going to let it look like a cheap version of Rodrigo’s other videos, and they managed to fit the old-school teen movie vibe of her last few releases, which mostly have been shot by Petra Collins.

The real magic of the video comes in the editing, where several clips of Rodrigo are merged together to make it look like there are several of her — she’s multiplying herself to pack an even greater punch when she “kiss[es] his face with an uppercut.” Most iPhone customers will not have the same resources and editing skills to make a kick-ass music video as one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but the camera on the 15 Pro is definitely impressive. Cleverly, the guy who the song is supposed to be about is blurred and out of focus, perhaps a nod to a new feature that lets you toggle the focus in portrait mode. And of course, the video shows off the iPhone 15 Pro’s three-lens setup. The Pro can shoot in 77mm, while the Pro Max has a 5x telephoto camera that can shoot up to a 120mm focal length. Like the previous few iPhones, they also have regular and wide-angle lenses. We see close-ups of the “all-american bitch” tearing purple rose petals off their stem, then we watch Rodrigo and her army of clones smash car windows from a wide angle.

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A treat on the iPhone 15 Pro Max for filmmakers is that you can use the iPhone with Capture One to instantly transfer highest-res data to a Mac or an external storage drive. If your artistic ambitions are as detailed as this Olivia Rodrigo video, you’re going to need that convenience, lest you overload your phone. But as our resident photography nerd expert Haje Kamps points out, wouldn’t you just use a “real” camera at that point? Well, not if you’re getting tapped by Apple to use their newest technology to film your latest music video. Isn’t it great timing for Olivia Rodrigo’s album to come out just days before Apple’s big iPhone announcement?

Rodrigo has been busy collaborating with tech companies while promoting her long-awaited second album “GUTS” — she’s worked with Linktree, Adobe and Instagram, so her partnership with Apple makes sense, but for the millions of us who love Olivia, the new music video is a nice surprise. Thanks, Apple.

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