'No Empathy' Biden Strikes Again on Maui


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Joe Biden justifiably was blasted for his callous “no comment” when asked about the rising death toll in the Maui wildfire on Sunday. Then Biden finally spoke publicly for the first time on Tuesday about the fire, saying that he intended to go to Hawaii. But then he couldn’t seem to get the affected area straight, seemingly forgetting that it was Maui. That also doesn’t help people think that he’s focused or cares about what’s going on.

You would think perhaps he’d learned his lesson. But this is Joe Biden, who keeps repeating the same false stories over and over again. It doesn’t seem like he knows how to adjust his bad behavior.

Biden was asked on Thursday about his upcoming trip to Hawaii which his administration has announced will be Monday., seemingly after more vacation in Lake Tahoe. “Can you tell us about your Hawaii trip, sir?” he was asked by a reporter.

Now, again, how complicated is a response to that simple question? “We’re going to do all we can to help the people, thank you” would have been a simple response. But again, he couldn’t or wouldn’t do it.

He gave them a curt “No, not now.” “I’m going to be leaving and I’ll be there on Monday.”

A reporter seemed to almost try to help him out with a prompt, “Why is it important that you go?”

But Biden didn’t take the hint, and just blew him off, turning around and leaving.

He almost seemed perturbed that he was even asked. Does he not understand that these are the questions you shouldn’t say “No” to? Is it that he wasn’t briefed on the trip yet and he doesn’t have his notes, so he’s been told just to avoid all questions unless he has been? But if that’s the case, then he’s truly far gone if he just can’t muster up some simple empathy. It’s scary that the answer may truly be “no,” and that he can’t tell the reporters about his trip because he has no idea.

The reporters didn’t push; they even thanked him for that non-answer and didn’t ask why he didn’t answer.

As some noted, the look on the face of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s face was something else. It looked like she wanted to be anywhere else but there. 

Biden was leaving for Camp David on Thursday, and he was scheduled to leave from Camp David for Lake Tahoe on Friday. It’s not clear how much his Tahoe vacation will be affected but at the very least, it will be cut short if he’s going to Hawaii on Monday. Maybe he’s perturbed because it’s interrupting his vacation. 

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