NEW: Quinnipiac Poll Shows Trump Holding Massive Lead Ahead of the Pack—Including DeSantis


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The latest national poll numbers on the Republican presidential field are in, and they spell bad news for every candidate not named Donald Trump. Quinnipiac University released new polling Wednesday that appears to show the former president maintaining his lead on the rest of the pack at this early point in the primary season.

According to the poll, Trump garnered an impressive 57 percent support among the registered Republican voters they surveyed. But one candidate whom many watchers will be curious about continues to not measure up. As we reported in mid-July, the Harvard-Harris poll showed Trump dominating the field—including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:

The new Harvard Harris poll that came out on Friday shows former President Donald Trump completely dominating the field, at 52 percent, up 40 points on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is at 12 percent.

Meanwhile, Vivek Ramaswamy has moved up to 10 percent. This movement for him supports another poll —that showed him tied at 12 percent with DeSantis—which we reported.

Likewise, the Quinnipiac results show DeSantis trailing by essentially the same margin, which is likely to dismay those supporting him or rooting for him to gain traction in the primary:

Eighteen percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters said they supported the Florida governor, which is his lowest level of support in Quinnipiac’s polling of the GOP primary this year.

There was also this dismal data point:

Quinnipiac noted that DeSantis was only 6 points behind the former president in February, but now he finds himself trailing Trump by 39 points. 

And while it’s not a national poll, DeSantis sits at a statistical tie with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in a new state-based poll of New Hampshire voters by Emerson College:

An Emerson College survey released earlier this week showed Christie surpassing DeSantis by 1 point in New Hampshire. Christie’s 1-point lead over DeSantis falls within the poll’s plus-or-minus 3.4 percent margin of error.

Again, it’s early in the primary still. The first debate does not take place until next Wednesday, something which The Hill reports DeSantis backers are pointing to as the starting gun of the 2024 GOP primary. They may be right about that. We’ll all find out soon.

Here’s how the rest of the candidates fared in Quinnipiac’s polling:

….[E]ntrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy came in third place at 5 percent support, followed by former Vice President Mike Pence at 4 percent. Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie each received 3 percent support. 

The Quinnipiac University poll, which was conducted from August 10 to 14 among 681 Republican and Republican-leaning voters, has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 3.8 percentage points.

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