New Emails Provide Stunning Evidence of DOJ and Hunter Biden Corruption


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As RedState reported, a new report from Politico blew up the lengths to which Hunter Biden’s legal team went to secure the sweetheart plea deal that would eventually fall apart under questioning from Judge Maryellen Noreika. 

In a shocking revelation, a threat was lodged to call President Joe Biden as a witness if the now-infamous gun crime Hunter Biden committed was prosecuted. That would have presumably left the DOJ facing the wrath of the White House, and sure enough, pre-trial diversion with broad immunity was eventually offered. 

The New York Times was also shown the emails that Politico based its story on, and together, the two outlets offer a stunning look at various events that appear to show clear collusion between Hunter Biden and the DOJ. Tristen Leavitt, who works for Empower Oversight, a whistleblower advocacy group that represents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, put together a thread of the highlights.

Had the DOJ Tax Division approved charges against Hunter Biden, Weiss would have had the ability to file charges wherever he wanted. Why was that denied, given the clear evidence that existed that Hunter Biden had failed to lawfully pay his taxes, never mind the alleged fraud he committed in doing so (i.e., claiming a sex club membership as a golf club membership)? 

Hunter Biden’s legal strategy was to pressure and coerce the DOJ into not prosecuting. That was accomplished through the aforementioned threat of calling Joe Biden to testify, but also through a series of moves to politicize the probe, including inserting Donald Trump into the discussion. You may recognize the name Lesley Wolf, as that’s the same Assitant U.S. Attorney who essentially scuttled the IRS’ investigation into Hunter Biden. I can only assume she took the threat of “career suicide” from Hunter Biden’s lawyers very seriously given her actions regarding the case.

Pressure also appears to have been applied to the U.S. Attorneys in other districts, including in the districts that would ultimately not file charges and rebuff Weiss’ request for cooperation. 

Things didn’t stop there, though. Hunter Biden’s lawyers then sought to go over the head of Weiss.

It wasn’t long before the very same associate attorney general who Clark appealed to decided to force Weiss to have yet another meeting with Hunter Biden’s legal team. That’s when the timeline gets really crazy. 

Yes, you read that right. One of the top officials at the DOJ forced Weiss to meet with Hunter Biden’s primary lawyer, and just four days later, the IRS whistleblowers (Shapley and Ziegler) were removed from the case. The rest is history. The sweetheart plea deal would then be formulated and pursued by both sides. 

It’s impossible to ignore how corrupt this entire process was, and it’s also impossible to believe that Weiss could still be trusted to handle this probe in an unbiased fashion. When a U.S. Attorney has already succumbed to so much pressure, including pressure that looks incredibly corrupt, there’s no reason to believe that person has what it takes to be the special counsel in charge. 

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