Mr. Beast Caught in a New 'Scandal,' and It's the Dumbest Thing I've Ever Heard


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YouTube star Mr. Beast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has built the largest social media channel on earth, raking in over a billion dollars along the way. Focusing on what most would consider wholesome content, his videos are not ideological in the least. Usually, they involve putting a Lamborghini into a shredder or seeing who can survive the longest inside of a circle drawn on the ground. It’s silly, harmless stuff. 

Of all the people in the world who you’d expect to draw controversy, Mr. Beast would probably be near the bottom of the list. We live in incredibly stupid times, though, and that’s why the YouTuber is currently caught in a scandal over his building of 100 wells in Africa. No, I’m not kidding. 

So what’s the problem? Well, Mr. Beast is white, and we can’t have white guys going to Africa to help people lest they violate the principles of left-wing identity politics.

Saran Kaba Jones, founder and CEO of FACE Africa, an organization working to improve water infrastructure and sanitation in sub-Saharan Africa, told CNN: “I’ve been doing this for 15 years, but we’ve been struggling to continue the work because funding, awareness, and advocacy all take work.” &

And then, she added, “overnight, this person comes along, who happens to be a white male figure with a huge platform, and all of a sudden, he gets all of the attention. It’s kind of frustrating, but it’s also understanding the nature of how the world is.”

The criticisms get dumber, though. I promise. 

Aspiring Kenyan politician Francis Gaitho criticized Donaldson’s video, saying on X that it perpetuated the stereotype that Africa is “dependent on handouts…and philanthropic intervention,” though Gaitho’s comments attracted criticism of their own.

Is it a “stereotype” if your country legitimately has hundreds of villages without wells providing access to clean drinking water? If the situation is so easily rectified that those who would come in to help are just participating in “poverty tourism,” then why hasn’t it already been rectified? Imagine the shamelessness one must possess to trash someone for spending his own money to help while your contribution to society is being an “inspiring politician” for a country that has continually failed its own people.

The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz, perhaps the most unethical “journalist” on the planet, also chimed in. Apparently, it’s terrible to “monetize” kindness even though that kindness is possible through monetization, in this case, making YouTube videos.

We all know what this is really about. These pathetic complaints are an extension of the insane “white savior” smear that the left has long been used by progressives worldwide. Do you know how many actual African villagers who now have drinking water are offended by the fact that a white guy paid for their wells? The answer is zero. It’s a made-up scandal by left-wing ideologues who subscribe to the most ridiculous notions of intersectionality. 

In the end, Mr. Beast building wells for Africans is embarrassing to those who would rather capitalize on the suffering of the continent than see problems fixed. That’s why these people are lashing out. For example, the CEO quoted above works for a non-profit that has raised $131,000. Of that, $83,000 went to internal operating expenses. Given how much it costs to drill a well, I’d be surprised if that organization has drilled even a single one. Mr. Beast doing their job for them means less graft for them to siphon off for base salaries, though, so they are angry about it. 

If you’ve ever heard someone describe liberalism as a mental disorder, this is as good of an example as you’ll find. For his part, Mr. Beast isn’t taking the criticism lying down.

That’s the right attitude. Go out there and help people. If others want to try to gain clout by going after you, tell them to pound sand. 

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Lisa Holden
Lisa Holden
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