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The Black Fleet Network strives to create greater equity within all facets of the fleet industry for professionals and students who are Black, African-American, or of Black African descent.

Image: Black Fleet Network

The history of Black Americans is an unparalleled one-of-one. No facet of societal movement, daily living, or business progress exists without the direct influence of Black men and women. From the inception of European conquests of the western hemisphere, the role of diasporic Africans was perfectly integral to the full spectrum of the American experience.

From simple survival to the development of an economic machine that would alter the world forever, the Black contribution was one without which this nation would not fare well. Under systemic duress specifically designed to suppress and oppress the very spirit of Black people, an undying hope and forged tenacity resulted in recurring ingenuity that would transform an abysmal plight into a standard for perseverance. The marathon continues.

The shoulders of these Black forefathers and foremothers will always inspire the present and expectant future of our community. At Black Fleet Network (BFN), community is our existence. It’s the day-in-day-out truth of getting the job done; parenting; self-improvement; failure; celebrating incremental wins. And in what world would these life-defining actions be relegated to a single month of the year?

Reality is a Continuum

Therefore, we recognize Black History Month (BHM) by de-romanticizing it. Recognition is polite, but reality is a continuum.

So, we celebrate the now and the pending that’s evident in the current journeys of patent-wielding technologists like Bill Pugh; award-winning mobility professionals like Al Curtis, Cedric Roberts, and Tim Fitzgerald, who keep American cities safely moving forward; pioneering companies like J3 Management Group, SHZoom, and ChargerHelp!, along with cultural heroines like André 3000, Beyoncé, and the Obamas, who are vibrant reminders of recognized potential and the power of unhinged expression.

The beauty of these examples is that they’re here with us now, serving as intergenerational bridges of progress and imagination. But as is normative to the Black life, we can’t afford to revel in the achievement. We’re living another pivotal point in time where we’re, again, contending with government-sponsored attempts to eradicate our unique narrative.

A Pivotal Point

From textbooks to town halls, fearmongers are investing dollars, rhetoric, and votes for hopes of a Black-less return. This assault isn’t merely about textbooks and leveling emotions within the academic context. Its intent is the erasure of truths that reveal a gross lack of responsibility: the horrors historically unleashed from one group upon all the others — with Black people being the constant reminder of those ills.

But no amount of legislation nor political pandering can muzzle the countless cries from centuries of staring terror in the face and telling it to get behind us. So, this day, this month, BFN celebrates the fullness of Black history: a variegated series of lived experiences that have opened the eyes of the world — extracting tears of joy while calling out injustice and championing its antithesis. Our recognition spans 365 days of the calendar, in the spirit of lifting all limits and claiming the fullness of who we are. Everyday.

 -  Exavious Farley

Exavious Farley

Exavious Farley is founder and CEO of Black Fleet Network and former associate publisher and national sales director at Bobit.


This article was authored and edited according to Automotive Fleet‘s editorial standards and style. Opinions expressed may not reflect that of Automotive Fleet.

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