‘Morning Joe’: Republicans Show ‘How Ignorant They Are’ With a DeSantis Move That Will ‘Haunt Them’ (Video)


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“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough continues to be disappointed by his former party, arguing on Friday morning that, at this point, they’re just showing “how ignorant they are” by setting precedents that will ultimately be used against them.

In this particular case, Scarborough is referring to the fact that Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis recently suspended a state attorney in Florida. Though DeSantis says he did so because of “neglect of duty and incompetence,” the judge herself — and many critics of DeSantis — allege that the move simply came because she has vocally disagreed with DeSantis’ politics.

On Thursday, Scarborough noted that a future Democrat could theoretically do the same thing now, and on Friday, he returned to that hypothesis.

“The fact that these Republicans think they can do all of these things that damage constitutional norms and political norms, and it’s not going to come back and haunt them later, really shows how ignorant they are,” Scarborough said.

Echoing his thoughts from Thursday, Scarborough added “What makes these people think that there’s not going to be a Democrat or an Independent in the future that fires people who are conservative because they don’t like their politics?”

You can watch the full conversation from “Morning Joe” in the video above.

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