More than ninety South Africans Graduate from Tools for Life Skills Development Training to improve their lives


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Students, educators as well as religious leaders, community leaders, and Bambanani congregated on Castle Kyalami in Midrand for an event called a Life Skills Development Workshop Graduation.

KYALAMI MIDRAND, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, April 4, 2023 / LinkDaddy News / This week, over 90 South Africans comprising of youth educators, community leaders, educators, and religious leaders even an old-age-run group called Bambanani met at Castle Kyalami. In Midrand for an exclusive in Midrand for unique Professional Development seminar, hosted by Scientology volunteer ministers.

I’m now looking to improve my community and give lots of energy into community development with all the experience and knowledge I’ve learned from Tools for Life.”

graduates-celebrating-their-recThe graduates met all requirements and finished the program which was referred to as Tools for Living that taught them how to communicate, overcome obstacles in learning and social challenges like alcohol abuse, and bullying as well as low self-esteem, a conflict which helped them overcome issues with self-esteem, conflict, substance abuse, etc.

The participants comprised South Africans from various walks of life, but all with the same goal of sharing this knowledge with the masses. The newly graduated expressed great happiness during the ceremony and an enthusiasm for making changes through transformational skills education.

Enthusiastic to make their lives better and improve the conditions they encounter in their communities Over the past two months they participated in a free Skills Development program offered by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. They devoted their time and energy to equipping themselves with their Tools for Life from L. Ron Hubbard to better serve and better serve their communities.

graduates-posing-with-their-cerThey were now preparing for the graduation ceremony. The ceremony began with a warm and welcoming greeting to the Program Director of Scientology’s Scientology Volunteer ministers Chloe Cardosso who stated “Education is the keystone to the transformation of society”. The graduates were very happy to officially graduate from this life-changing course.

One of the students Mrs. Selepe who is an educator said that this training has improved her work working conditions. According to her, she’s been able to decrease bullying in her workplace and help colleagues in resolving disputes promptly. “My favorite part of the graduation was realizing that Scientology Volunteer Ministers Scientology volunteers are ready to help during times of crisis. And not just within South Africa but internationally. I am honored to be a part of the group “added Selepe.

Another student, an older woman from an organization that is called Bambanani spoke about what Tools for Life means to her. “I have felt renewed by this program. I’m now looking to improve my community and make an enormous amount of effort into community development with the help of all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained via Tools for Life. This truly is life-changing. As I grew older I was ready to retire, but I’ve found a new reason to live.”

The highly acclaimed seminars on Tools for Living have enticed South Africans from across Mzansi. In closing, Chloe Cardoso of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers shared how crucial community empowerment is. According to her, the future of our country is contingent on each person taking part in society to make a difference. “That is only possible only if everyone feels empowered and is equipped to make a difference,” she said.

Sandile Hlayisi
Church of Scientology South Africa
+27 61 907 9325

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