Moms Reveal The Very Best Kids’ Water Bottles, From School-Friendly Options To Sippy Cups


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This Thermos Funtainer was easily the most recommended water bottle among the parents we spoke to.

“Our nanny actually purchased our Funtainer for our older daughter — something I consider the highest caliber of recommendation since she’s been working with kids for almost 20 years. Despite being dropped (and let’s be honest, thrown) countless times, it remained intact. I am also really obsessive about cleaning my kids’ cups because they get foul and moldy really easily, and this one was always easy to clean (although I recommend investing in a bottle brush and straw brush).” — Emily Ruane, HuffPost’s managing shopping editor and mom of two

“This is [my daughter’s] current water bottle and my absolute fave. It keeps the liquid cold which has been clutch and it fits ice cubes. She’s so obsessed with it that she carries it around and is finally drinking ‘agua’. I let her pick the Frozen one despite my personal aesthetic preferences because she loves it so much but there are also less offensive ones. It’s technically dishwasher-safe but I hand wash it so the picture doesn’t fade. The only downside is now they don’t allow metal bottles at the pool!” — Ingrid Mellor, art therapist and mom of one

“This is the bottle you’ve been looking for. Easy to clean, no annoying straws, dishwasher-safe, cute patterns, a smart-shaped mouth, and just the right size for preschoolers and elementary kids.” — Kate Palmer, executive editor at HuffPost and mom of two

“We started using Thermos Funtainer for my now-3-year-old about a year ago. She had seen other kids at daycare who had one and liked that the lid popped open with the push of a button. I liked that the container is stainless steel and insulated but not too heavy. Also, the whole thing has only three pieces (container, spout and inner straw), and I can buy replacement spouts and straws. This keeps drinks cold and doesn’t leak when the lid is closed. We now own multiple colors, and it comes in a number of kid-friendly designs too!” — Sara Bondioli, copydesk supervising editor at HuffPost and mom of one

“This trusty kids thermos has lasted since [my daughter] was in Pre-K and she’s now about to start third grade.” — Posey

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