Megyn Kelly's Response to Attack From Keith Olbermann, Daily Beast Writer Is a Thing of Beauty


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Folks on the left can be such unhappy people. We saw how they seemed to celebrate Tucker Carlson’s separation from Fox, without realizing how freeing that is for him. We saw just how good that can be, with his two-part Devon Archer interview here and here.

Another media person on the right side of the aisle that folks on the left are frequently having a tantrum about is journalist Megyn Kelly. She came under attack by a reporter from The Daily Beast, Justin Baragona/

Baragona disparaged the status of Kelly’s career.

“In just a few short years, Megyn Kelly went from one of the most sought-after and highly-paid anchors in television news — to a YouTuber devoting her time to raging about what woke beer another podcaster drinks,” Baragona sniped.

Imagine writing for The Daily Beast and attacking anyone else’s career choices. Naturally, Baragona doesn’t understand the breadth of the Bud Light story, can’t be bothered with it, and looks down with disdain at her coverage of it. If he took it seriously, he might have to recognize the power of the boycott. Indeed, it’s funny that he tries to put her down, but he shows her importance just by posting and talking about her. She’s so unimportant, a comment about her by Baragona gets 3.8 million views. Sort of puts paid to his conclusion on the matter.

But then there was the perpetually washed-up Keith Olbermann. He was even worse, as he responded to Baragona’s tweet.

Warning for language:

He claimed that an NBC executive didn’t examine her work and “only hired for her looks” — then everybody at NBC found out she was a “moronic a**hole.”

He then tried to backtrack and claim he was talking about Andy Lack (which wasn’t all he said).

Again, imagine Keith Olbermann — of all people — talking about the trajectory of anyone’s career. How many jobs has he had, and in how many was he shown the door? And where is he working from now? Maybe he should look at his own “career,” before carping and being jealous about someone else.

But the best thing is the response from Megyn Kelly, which is pure gold. Her comment has even more views than Baragona’s at 3.9 million views, again kind of shooting the narrative in the foot.

I fixed the headline for him:

In just a few short years, Megyn Kelly went from working for corporate douchebags who tried to ruin her career to launching her own media company and creating one of the top digital shows in the country of which she has full editorial control. She continues to earn more than @justinbaragona or @keitholbermann will ever gross in their lifetime, all while happily married & raising her own children.

How well played is that? That’s another thing that Baragona isn’t getting here, the importance of being free from the corporate media, either on the right or left, so you are free to say what you want. That’s what Kelly and Carlson are now celebrating — the free media. And that’s a great and heady thing, the future of media.

Elon Musk certainly appreciated it.

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