Meanwhile, on MSNBC Hillary Clinton and Rachel Maddow Cackle the Night Away


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Hillary Clinton was Rachel Maddow’s guest over on MSNBC on Monday night, which no one would have known if not for the wonderful journalist Simon Ateba. 

Ateba posted the whole nine-minute clip; watch at your own peril.

Hill was allegedly scheduled to talk about her new think piece in The Atlantic about the weaponization of loneliness, but ended up doing an “I told you so” lap, laughing about Trump’s indictment and then moments later talking about how sad it was that we have a “former president…accused of these terribly important crimes.”

The two did touch upon the extremely tenuous position our society is in when a presidential candidate is jailed, but spread a whole lot of disinformation about what happened in Georgia and completely glossed over the First Amendment on their way to that point.

That Maddow and Hillary can attempt to speak intellectually about this indictment while ignoring the glaring unconstitutionality of so much of it is just mind-blowing.

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Lisa Holden
Lisa Holden
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