Meanwhile, Chicago TV News Crew Gets Robbed at Gunpoint While Reporting on… String of Armed Robberies


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I grew up in far-northwest Indiana, roughly 30 miles from downtown Chicago. My buds and I frequently took the South Shore train into the city to the station under the Prudential Building, and from there would run around The Loop, without a care in the world. Those were good times indeed. 

Today? No way. Not on a bet.

A Spanish-language TV news crew was robbed at gunpoint this week in Chicago while reporting on a spate of armed robberies that have taken place across the Democrat-run, crime-riddled city in recent days. Shocking? Hardly. A Univision Chicago reporter and cameraman were accosted by three armed men wearing ski masks. Ski masks — in August. Clearly, Chicago is no longer “my kind of town.”

Univision Chicago reported that the reporter and cameraman were filming just before 5 a.m. Monday — 5 o’clock in the morning — in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood when three masked men brandishing firearms robbed them, taking their television camera and other valuable items.

Luis Godinez, vice president of news of Univision Chicago, told the Chicago Tribune the news crew was filming a story about robberies that was scheduled to run on the morning news. The footage was in the stolen camera, so it never made it on air.  

The reporter and cameraman were reportedly safe, but the outlet refused to reveal their identities for safety purposes. Here’s more from AP:

The episode was the second robbery this month involving a Chicago news crew, after a WLS-TV photographer was assaulted and robbed on Aug. 8 while preparing to cover a weekday afternoon news conference on Chicago’s West Side, the station reported.

The robberies prompted the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians Local 41, which represents TV photographers in Chicago, to warn about the growing safety threats to those who cover the news.

“Our news photographers and reporters provide a very important public service in keeping our community informed. We are committed to making sure that their safety comes first,” Raza Siddiqui, president of the union local, said in a statement.

Siddiqui told the Chicago Sun-Times that some of the news stations affiliated with the union planned to take additional safety steps, including assigning security to some TV crews.

The tragic part — or hilarious part, depending on one’s point of view — is Chicagoans kicked disastrous Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot to the curb in the last election, only to elect Democrat Brandon Johnson, who promptly set about proving he’s just as bad, if not worse.

For example, as we reported on Wednesday, Johnson is ridiculously suing automakers Hyundai and Kia, claiming… wait for it… they make their cars too easy to steal. 

In 2022, Chicago experienced more than 21,000 vehicle thefts, a 50-percent increase from 2021. And in 2023, the Windy City stands at roughly 20,000 stolen vehicles, with more than four months left in the year. Clearly, Democrat policies are not working. 

While I’m fully aware that I have a tendency to pen admonishments multiple times, I do so for a valid reason. Here’s a perfect example: As Einstein famously warned us, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

Clearly, revolving doors on jail cells in America’s Democrat-run cities continue to exacerbate crime. Logic and common sense suggest that repeat offenders repeatedly released to the streets are going to continue offending. That’s about as “Duh” as it can get, is it not?  

Yet? Joe Biden and the Democrats are far more concerned with making intentionally divisive, idiotic statements about scary Donald Trump, “extreme MAGA Republicans,” and “white supremacists” than cleaning up their own Democrat backyards.

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Lisa Holden
Lisa Holden
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