Marc Newson Reinvents Louis Vuitton’s Iconic Trunk


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“The Louis Vuitton trunk is where it all started,” says Marc Newson. “Every piece of functional luggage can trace its roots back to this object.” The Australian industrial-design star knows his history. In the 1850s, when traveling for pleasure was still a new fad, Vuitton’s stackable, waterproof canvas-clad carrying case was revolutionary, introducing a sturdy solution for transporting one’s wardrobe.

The piece is outfitted with modular compartments to store and display one’s assorted keepsakes.

Photo: Matthieu Salvaing/Louis Vuitton.

Newson—who has conceived contemporary suitcases for the luxury brand for more than a decade—has now reimagined this icon as a limited-edition display case of sorts, titled Cabinet of Curiosities. Filled with 19 leather-wrapped compartments and available in natural leather, yellow, or a combination of red, green, and blue, his rendition can be configured in more than 1,000 ways, a portable showcase for collections of any variety.

“The trunks were first invented with a very specific functionality in mind, which was to protect things—to contain and protect,” says Newson, who imagines a similar destiny for his version. “You can treat it conceptually, philosophically, or, you know, it can be a bookshelf.” Made to order, each wunder-kammer is painstakingly crafted in Vuitton’s heralded Drôme workshop where everything, Newson explains, is done with an “obsessive pursuit for quality and perfection.”

Another imagined arrangement for the Cabinet of Curiosities.

Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

At home in London, Newson has already placed an X on the floor to indicate where his own Cabinet of Curiosities will be installed. He’s still deliberating on the designated contents: perhaps his collections of travel souvenirs, assorted timepieces, or objects connected to metallurgy. “There are so many things I’ve accumulated over the years and never really had a place for,” he explains. “This piece can almost be a sort of temple for them.”

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