Lujan Grisham Digs the Hole Deeper With Latest Insane Justification for 'Suspending' Gun Rights


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New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham continues to try to justify her decision to “suspend” gun rights in parts of her state under the guise of a “health emergency.” 

Since her disastrous press conference, where her attempts to explain the legality behind her move fell completely flat, the governor has made several posts on social media. All of them have failed to address her blatant violation of the U.S. Constitution. Instead, Lujan Grisham seems to have no idea how to respond and has instead sought to blame others instead of addressing the elephant in the room. She is the classic example of a politician who got out over their skis and now has no idea what to do next.

That happened again on Sunday with this post, in which she attacked two New Mexico legislators who called for her impeachment.

Here’s a bit of political advice for whoever may be reading this. When a politician constantly tries to paint themselves as “doing it for the children” (a favorite line of Nancy Pelosi), you should run, not walk to vote them out of office. You can bet that they are actually petty tyrants who seek to use kids as pawns to justify their outrageous and illegal actions. 

Banning law-abiding New Mexico residents from concealed-carrying guns is not going to make a single child safer. It’s just a way for Lujan Grisham to punish her political enemies, which is something she tacitly admits in her post. She’s essentially saying “I broke the law because you have no plan.” But what exactly would a plan look like for New Mexico legislators? What are they supposed to do? Pass a resolution saying shooting people is bad?

It’s already illegal to shoot kids. The only way you reduce gun violence in any real way is by having prosecutors who vigorously enforce the law. Instead, Lujan Grisham has been part of a Democratic Party that has elevated soft-on-crime “reform” prosecutors. She is more responsible than anyone else in her state. 

Regardless, it doesn’t matter whether others have a “plan” or not. There is no statute that voids the Constitution as long as some other people don’t offer a “plan.” Lujan Grisham broke the law, and she should reap the whirlwind for that. All the flailing in the world, and she is definitely flailing, isn’t going to change that.

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