Lit Hub Weekly: July 31-August 4, 2023


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  • Victoria Gosling interrogates the legend of King Arthur: “Is Arthur why Britain, despite its history, continues to see itself as the good guy?” | Lit Hub Criticism

  • Wylie Dufresne on the fun, never-ending process of becoming a chef. | Lit Hub

  • Julie Schumacher on 30 years of correspondence with her late friend, Melissa Bank: “I feel the impulse to write to her when I see the coil of postage stamps on my desk, or when I read a book that I wish she could read.” | Lit Hub Memoir

  • How author Aimie K. Runyan found a new way to approach story for her “reluctant reader” children. | Lit Hub Parenting

  • Ann Patchett’s Tom Lake, Jamel Brinkley’s Witness, and Yepoka Yeebo’s Anansi’s Gold all feature among the Best Reviewed Books of the Week. | Book Marks

  • Peter Heller remembers his mother, a private investigator, and the first case she took on in the wilds of Connecticut. | CrimeReads

  • Henrietta Lacks’ family has settled their lawsuit with Thermo Fisher Scientific, which used her cells in their research without consent. | AP

  • Julia Poole bravely reads all five of Rush Limbaugh’s Rush Revere series, “a sanitized option for teaching fragile white kids history without hurting their feelings.” | The Baffler

  • Joyce Carol Oates on the prose fictions of Rachel Ingalls, which “famously resist description, let alone classification.” | Times Literary Supplement

  • “The book may be devoid of meat, but it’s by no means free of earthly indulgence.” Aimee Levitt on The Vegetarian Epicure. | Eater

  • “The 8th Note Press news seems more ominous coming at a time of declining book sales, publishing layoffs, and crumbling social platforms.” Tajja Isen on TikTok’s new publishing venture. | The Walrus

  • Grace Lavery writes about three recent books from the “gender critical” movement. | Los Angeles Review of Books

  • “Short of abandoning the genre altogether, as Shields recommended in 2010, today a novel ought to help save the world.” Jessi Jezewska Stevens on “post-postfiction.” | The Point

  • Greta Rainbow looks at the gamification of reading at the beige books site. | Shondaland

  • “I think the publishing industry has an obsession with newness.” Imogen West-Knights spoke to Irish writers Megan Nolan, Naoise Dolan, and Nicole Flattery about their “difficult second books.” | The New York Times

  • What happens when you ask AI to create fairy tale art? | Orion 

  • “Perseverance is the prerequisite of all creativity. And pig-headedness, the determination to outride public neglect.” Jeremy Cooper on the perks of being an older writer. | The Bookseller

  • What should you read (and watch) after Oppenheimer? | GQ

  • Alejandro Chacoff considers how María Kodama’s fierce loyalty has shaped the legacy of her late husband, Jorge Luis Borges (tr. Jessica Sequeira). | The Dial

  • “I think post-2020 in general, people are reimagining power structures and how they might contribute something in a way that they might not have thought about before.” Chelsea Hodson discusses her new press, Rose Books. | Nylon

  • A.S. Hamrah considers the Mission: Impossible franchise. | NYRB

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