Lit Hub Daily: September 21, 2023


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  • Ross Gay pens an ode to footnotes, endnotes, and other diversions. | Lit Hub

  • “It says something about the current state of Motherhood that moms who are still in love with our spouses and don’t want to get divorced are dreaming about it.” Minna Dubin on parenting and the fantasy of joint custody. | Lit Hub

  • A class in syntax—or, what makes language human. | Lit Hub

  • How the outdoors shaped the lives (and works) of women authors. | Lit Hub

  • “Long before the Poet jumped into the ocean, his luck had been meager.” Fae Myenne Ng on the Chinese Titanic survivors who were forbidden to disembark in America. | Lit Hub History

  • “Her book has promised universal absolution and universal absolution it must deliver.” 5 Book Reviews You Need to Read This Week. | Book Marks

  • “The words must create a grand harmonic music together. And yet the whole experience of an epic is composed out of thousands of individual verbal choices.” Emily Wilson walks through five tricky translation quandaries in The Iliad. | Washington Post

  • From hot water bottles to jewelry, the inside story of Emily Dickinson’s family archive. | The Atlantic

  • Saying goodnight to Goodnight Moon: Anna Rollins ruminates on the life of Margaret Wise Brown and postpartum health. | Literary Mama

  • More than a dozen authors—including Jonathan Franzen and John Grisham—filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against OpenAI. | New York Times

  • Kristen Arnett on the “slurry of Florida Man content” online and IRL. | Vox

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