Lit Hub Daily: August 7, 2023


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TODAY: In 1974, Mexican poet Rosario Castellanos dies at 49.   

  • “We should not write what we know but what we don’t know about what we know.” William Dameron on the tricky art of turning truth into fiction. | Lit Hub

  • Janet Wallach chronicles the making of WWI-era socialite and spy Marguerite Harrison. | Lit Hub Biography

  • Voices from the Radium Age: How scientific and technological breakthroughs created a new kind of fiction. | Lit Hub Sci-Fi

  • Prudence Peiffer on balancing motherhood and authorhood: “I am trying to be more honest, and allow that this is different from complaining.” | Lit Hub

  • “As Marcus sees it, disappointment is fundamentally generative.” Lynn Feeley on Sara Marcus’s Political Disappointment: A Cultural History from Reconstruction to the AIDS Crisis. | The Nation 

  • Suzanne Nossel lays out the profound implications of Hollywood’s fight against AI. | The New Republic 

  • “It’s about the legacy of trauma, dislocation and loss, all classic nostalgia triggers.” Helen Macdonald and her co-writer Sin Blaché on writing a book with Barbenheimer vibes. | The Guardian

  • Sophia McClennan discusses the role of political satire in decoding the chaos of the Trump White House. | JSTOR Daily

  • A brief history of the letter X. | Smithsonian Magazine

Also on Lit Hub: How Richard Wright inspired Omer Aziz • How casting Helen of Troy becomes an exercise in female power • Read from Ben Purkert’s debut novel, The Men Can’t Be Saved

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