Lit Hub Daily: August 2, 2023


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  • Julie Schumacher on 30 years of correspondence with her late friend, Melissa Bank: “I feel the impulse to write to her when I see the coil of postage stamps on my desk, or when I read a book that I wish she could read.” | Lit Hub Memoir

  • When the Beatles found their voice. | Lit Hub Music

  • Rebekah Bergman looks to Carmen Maria Machado, Kelly Link, and Alice Sola Kim for insights in structuring the strange. | Lit Hub Craft

  • “A good photograph, like a good novel, represents a series of artistic choices.” J. Vanessa Lyon reflects on finding inspiration in the photography of James Van Der Zee. | Lit Hub Photography

  • Mindy Mejia celebrates unlikely duos in detective fiction. | CrimeReads

  • Renowned Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar is publishing a short story collection next year. | The Guardian

  • “I think the publishing industry has an obsession with newness.” Imogen West-Knights spoke to Irish writers Megan Nolan, Naoise Dolan, and Nicole Flattery about their “difficult second books.” | The New York Times

  • What happens when you ask AI to create fairy tale art? | Orion 

  • “Perseverance is the prerequisite of all creativity. And pig-headedness, the determination to outride public neglect.” Jeremy Cooper on the perks of being an older writer. | The Bookseller

  • What should you read (and watch) after Oppenheimer? | GQ

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    Nicole Lambert
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