Lit Hub Daily: August 10, 2023


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  • Pablo Delcan (Team UK) and Jamie Keenan (Team US) discuss the evolution of their designs for the same book: Ingrid Robeyns’s Limitarianism: The Case Against Extreme Wealth. | Lit Hub Design

  • “Arendt had made her decision. There was no future in this country. At least not for people like her.” How the Nazi State saw Hannah Arendt. | Lit Hub History

  • What Stephen Kearse is reading now and next, from Kitchen Confidential to The Last Samurai. | Lit Hub Annotated Nightstand

  • New in paperback: 25 books to check out this summer. | CrimeReads

  • Celeste Ng discusses the wide range of GOP policies and initiatives hurting children. | Lit Hub Radio

  • “We all need—we all deserve—this vibrant, love-affirming novel.” 5 Book Reviews You Need to Read This Week. | Book Marks

  • How Michael Cunningham’s 1998 novel, The Hours, changed the way we see Virginia Woolf. | BBC

  • “A literature as bracing and complex as a tumbling mountain creek.” Barbara Kingsolver presents a literary itinerary for Appalachia. | The New York Times

  • Sasha Abramsky reports on the Dayton, Washington library that became a culture war battleground. | The Nation

  • Charles McGrath considers the work of Stephen Millhauser, master American fabulist. | The New Yorker 

  • Florida’s relentless attacks on books are costing school districts “between $34,000 to $135,000 annually.” | Politico

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    Nicole Lambert
    Nicole Lambert
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