Kids are behind on vaccines, heat wave raises heart attack risk, and 'girl dinners' trend sparks concern


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SUMMER SADNESS – Keep the “sunny blues” at bay with these expert tips. Continue reading…

DEMENTIA DIAGNOSIS  A finger-prick blood test could hold answers. Continue reading…

‘A PERFECT STORM’ – Extreme heat and high pollution could be a recipe for heart attacks. Here’s how to reduce the risk. Continue reading…

Thermometer - heat wave

Certain groups of people may have twice the risk of dying from a heart attack amid heat waves and high levels of fine particulate pollution, a new study has found. (iStock)

‘CATCHING’ COVID – Air monitors may detect virus particles within minutes. Continue reading…

BORDER DISORDER  Docs warn of a spike in tuberculosis cases among immigrants. Continue reading…

‘GIRL DINNERS’ – Could the promotion of limited-calorie dinner choices lead to disordered eating among some? Experts share thoughts on the trend. Continue reading…

Girl eating bread

“Girl dinners,” a TikTok trend sweeping social media this summer, is sparking worry among doctors and nutritionists. (iStock)

BREASTFEEDING BAN – A Georgia woman revealed how she was told not to feed her baby at a water park — and what happened after that. Continue reading…

GUT CHECK  These are the best prebiotic-packed foods for boosting gut health. Continue reading…

‘CONCERNING TREND’ – More than one in six toddlers are not getting all doses of the recommended early childhood vaccines. Find out why. Continue reading…

Baby vaccine

Most childhood vaccines require three or four doses for full protection — but more than 27% of the children had not received the entire series.  (iStock)








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