John Fetterman Says Marjorie Taylor Greene 'Runs on Dingaling' in Embarrassing MSNBC Interview


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The U.S. Senate changing the rules to let John Fetterman dress like a slob so he doesn’t slip back into clinical depression (yes, that’s the actual reason) has become far more of a story than most expected. That’s because the senator hasn’t been content to just accept his ridiculous accommodation quietly. Instead, he’s decided to snark back at anyone who questions whether degrading a long-standing institution over a grown man refusing to wear dress pants is a good idea. 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been the center of Fetterman’s ire after she called the rule change “disgraceful,” noting that removing the dress code to allow gym shorts and hoodies on the Senate floor is lowering the bar. 

Fetterman has taken personal offense to that, and he continued to rage on MSNBC during an interview on Monday evening. In a completely incoherent rant, he proclaimed that Greene “runs on more and more dingaling.” 

Here’s the thing. There might be a world in which someone could hit Greene for showing Hunter Biden’s censored genitalia during a House committee hearing. Sure, it’d be wildly dishonest, given she was exposing important evidence that he allegedly committed sex trafficking crimes, but there’s some Democrat out there who could pull it off. 

To be clear, John Fetterman is not that Democrat, and the reason is because all of his critics are right. By going on MSNBC and saying the things he said, he simply bolstered the case against his mental competency. It’s not the cringey dingaling joke (which he recycled from the day before and is obviously scripted). It’s the fact that he can’t even deliver that cringey joke without showing the world he has no business being in office.

You have to love how Chris Hayes just sits there and acts like this is normal. He may be smart enough to know better but enough of a hack to not show it. Having a senator who can’t even formulate a sentence and who clearly gets consistently confused about the most basic things is a problem. It goes beyond any basic standard American voters should expect from their elected officials.

Lastly, can we just note that Fetterman managed to dress more appropriately for this MSNBC interview than he does on the Senate floor? He has to wear Carhartt hoodies and basketball shorts to work lest he become depressed, but he’s well enough to put on a collared shirt for Chris Hayes. How does that make sense? It doesn’t, and it’s another reason the Senate rule change is a farce.

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