Joe Biden Gives Speech on 'MAGAnomics' That Goes All Kinds of Wrong


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It’s been a rough week for the Biden family, from the impeachment inquiry opened against Joe Biden to the fresh indictment against Hunter Biden. That means the White House needed to roll out a distraction, and the president’s handlers decided to start a battle between “Bidenomics” and something called “MAGAnomics” that no one has ever heard of. 

The president visited Largo, MD, on Thursday to kick off the new strategy, and things quickly went off the rails. Just a few minutes into his speech, Biden got confused and started mispronouncing his “MAGAnomics” as “meganomics.”

You can tell he’s really involved in writing his own talking points by the fact that he can’t manage to ever remember them, even with a teleprompter feeding him every line. As we all know, though, reading giant words off a screen is Biden’s kryptonite.

In other parts of the speech, Biden ranged from creepy to irrationally angry. At one point, he leaned in to do that weird whisper thing he does. In another instance, he started shouting at the audience to no response. 

Remember that scene from Anchorman where Brick Tamland starts screaming because he has no idea what’s actually going on? That’s Joe Biden.

Returning back to the more lucid parts of his speech, Biden stated his oft-repeated lie that he taught at the University of Pennsylvania. According to him, that experience (which didn’t actually happen) gave him a special understanding of “democracy.”

Actually, no, I haven’t heard that every generation has to fight for democracy. On the contrary, most generations never face any actual threat to the American democratic system. Perhaps there’s a case to be made that one existed during the Cold War, but that’s about it as far as modern America goes. Certainly, some rioters trespassing at the Capitol Building don’t qualify, and it approaches stolen valor for Democrats to keep claiming otherwise. They aren’t defending democracy. They just want power. 

Regardless, I don’t understand the White House strategy of branding Biden’s economic failures as “Bidenomics.” Not only is it corny-sounding but all it’s done is make the president himself synonymous with sky-high prices and eye-watering interest rates. Why would any politician seek to own that record? 

And as to this notion of “MAGAnomics,” that may be an even dumber bit of marketing. Most Americans, even those who might personally dislike Donald Trump, remember his economy as good. In a battle between Bidenomics and MAGAnomics, Republicans are just going to say, “Sure, we’ll take that comparison.”

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