Jennifer Rubin Equates Menendez With Clarence Thomas – Only to Have Vindman Steal Her Thunder


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It’s hard to say who is the worst liberal pundit out there, there’s such a panoply from which to choose. 

But there has to be a special place for the ones who call themselves “conservative” despite everything they espouse being the opposite of conservative viewpoints. So we have to give someone like the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin extra bonus points in the judging. 

We’ve reported on some of her classic comments in the past. Perhaps one of her worst was when she fangirled all over Gov.  Andrew Cuomo and praised his handling of the pandemic. 

Truly, it’s hard to match what she puts out for being wrong, although Paul Krugman and Jim Cramer do put up some good challenges. 

But Rubin wasn’t holding back on Friday, in the wake of the indictment of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ). 

An indictment of one of the most prominent Democrats in the Senate, the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is a pretty big deal. 

But instead, Rubin tried to somehow flip it and make it about… Justice Clarence Thomas. How you manage something like that is a mystery only known to Rubin. 

“Here’s the deal: Menendez resigns. Clarence Thomas resigns. One standard. Corruption is corruption,” Rubin said. 

Except the facts are not at all the same. Thomas hasn’t been indicted for anything. The effort to attack him by those on the left has been ongoing for decades. But the last I checked no one was alleging anything about gold bars, jackets stuffed with cash, or possibly being the agent of a foreign power, as is being alleged about Menendez. So the situations are not at all comparable. 

Indeed if you want to look for a comparison about alleged bribery and being compromised by foreign nationals, Rubin might want to look in the direction of Joe Biden. 

Plus, of course, a one-for-one exchange is not the way the law works, and when she says things like that, she just solidifies how unserious she is and makes everyone laugh more. 

But perhaps what was truly funny was that after saying something so silly, she then appeared to have been ripped off by someone who is almost as silly — Alexander Vindman. 

Either he ripped her off, or they got the same talking points. Either way, it was pretty funny, compounding the ridiculousness. 

Yes, Rubin did get the well-deserved significant ratio for such a terrible comment. 

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