International Day of Education: Four Activities to Honor It With Your Employees


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How to Celebrate the International Day Of Education with Your Employees

The International Day of Education, which is observed annually on January 24, 2019, was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2019. It is a celebration of the importance education plays in bringing about global peace and sustainable growth. No country can attain the elimination of poverty and equal rights for all citizens without equal education opportunities. Globally, more than 200 million children are not in school and over 700 million adults are unliterate. These numbers highlight the importance of International Day of Education. It aims to raise awareness about education and to help all ages have equal educational opportunities.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization devoted this year’s Education Day for girls and women in Afghanistan to those who have been denied their right to education.

How important it is to educate your employees

The theme of World Education Day this year is “To invest in people, prioritize learning.” eLI believes that everyone should have access to education at any time in their lives. It is the best way to self-growth and development. Employees today consider education opportunities to be a company benefit and not just a perk. Employers that offer employees the opportunity to further their education are better placed to recruit. Candidates will be more inclined to join a company that invests. Companies are able attract talented, willing employees who are eager to pursue their education and contribute to the company.

Education doesn’t need to be expensive. They don’t have to be enrolled in post-graduate programs. You can invest in their education by offering them courses, seminars, or other training opportunities. Your employees will feel valued and appreciated if you prioritize their education. This will result in them being more productive and more engaged at work. Celebrate the International Day of Education to highlight their education and education in general. Here are some top activities to get your staff excited about the International Day of Education.

Four Activities to Celebrate with Your Employees

1. Inspirational videos

It is a great idea for the children to be shown videos about the International Day of Education, its history, importance and ways they can increase awareness. Videos can be shown to encourage them to achieve their educational goals or to motivate them to continue their education. A video showing how education can help them in their career advancements is one example.

2. Invest in their education

You can surprise them with an educational experience to honor this occasion. You can let them choose from any course on your online learning platform. This is a great way to get started looking for an eLearning platform that will allow your employees to learn more. You can also invite them to join MOOCs. This day can be used to emphasize the importance of lifelong education and how it fits into your company’s culture.

3. Send us your personal stories from school

It’s a great way to celebrate the International Day of Education by creating a bonding event between employees and team members. Ask each member to share a story from their school days. It doesn’t matter if it’s a humorous story from elementary school, or a embarrassing tale from high school. This will highlight the importance education and help them see their coworkers differently. This will show everyone how important school is for character building and relationship building.

4. Donate to an organization that supports education

Encourage your employees to support education by encouraging them to make donations. As a company, you can either donate together to one or more of the organizations that interest you or let your employees each donate to the fund they prefer. It is a small, but important step that helps people who are denied their right to education.


Education is a key component in the growth and development of people, which helps countries to develop. This message is being spread globally by the International Day of Education. This day is a great opportunity for companies to empower their employees, and emphasize the importance of continuing education. You can start by showing them videos that will raise awareness and encourage them to pursue their education goals. You don’t have to wait for them to get training.

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