How To Restart An iPhone


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Restarting is a helpful tool to clear cache, enhance speed and improve an iPhone’s performance–here’s how it’s done.

Key Facts

Restarting an iPhone to optimize the device’s performance can be done using either assistive touch, the device’s power buttons or settings.

To troubleshoot any issues with an iPhone, resetting the device is an optimal place to start.

If the screen is frozen, start by force restarting or hard resetting it.

Some recommend restarting an iPhone on a weekly basis.

How To Restart An Iphone Using Power Button

To restart an iPhone 10 or later, hold either volume button and the power button simultaneously and, once the option appears, slide to power off. Hold the power button for about 15 seconds to power the device back on–which will be evident once the Apple logo appears. If the device is an iPhone 6, 7, 8 or SE, hold the side button until the power off slider appears and power off the phone, and hold that same button for at least five seconds until the Apple logo appears to power the iPhone back on.

To hard reset any iPhone, quickly press the volume up button and the volume down button and hold the power button until the device powers off–which usually takes at least five seconds. The appearance of the Apple logo confirms the restarting of the phone.

How To Restart An Iphone Using Assistive Touch

If assistive touch is used on the device, users have the ability to restart using it. On the assistive touch button, select the Device icon, followed by the More icon and press the Restart button to restart the iPhone.

How To Restart An Iphone Using Settings

Another option for restarting an iPhone is through the settings. Navigate to the device’s settings, select General, press the Shut Down button and slide to power off the device. To power on the device, hold the power button for at least 15 seconds or until the Apple logo appears.

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