Hilarious: Ray Epp's Attorney Points a Finger at Joe Rogan Over Jan. 6 Riot


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Controversy has swirled around Ray Epps and what he was doing during the Jan. 6 riot because of videos that show him urging people to go into the Capitol. He has claimed that he was encouraging peaceful protest.

That raised all kinds of questions from people about Epps, particularly after he wasn’t charged in the matter when it seemed like anyone and everyone else who was near or in the Capitol was pursued by the authorities. Epps filed a defamation lawsuit against Fox News last month over claims Tucker Carlson made about him regarding the Jan. 6 riot. In that lawsuit, Epps says he was told in May that he was going to be charged.

But now Epps’ attorney, Michael Teter, is upset with comments made by Joe Rogan. He accused Rogan of spreading conspiracy theories about his client regarding the riot.

Here’s what Rogan said:

“I think that every other person who was involved in Jan. 6 — who was involved in coordinating a break-in into the Capitol and then instigating people — they were all arrested. This guy wasn’t,” Rogan said of Epps, who filed a defamation suit against Fox News for a series of on-air claims that he instigated the insurrection.

“Well, he clearly instigated,” Rogan said. “He did it on camera.”

He said he didn’t know if Epps was a “fed” but that multiple members of the liberal media seemed to come to his defense.

The FBI has denied that Epps was an “FBI source or an FBI employee,” and the Jan. 6 Committee claims that there was “no evidence” that he was involved in the planning of the riots.

But Teter’s response was unintentionally hilarious.

“Joe Rogan’s recent comments show the staying power and consequences of Fox’s and Tucker Carlson’s lies about Ray Epps,” Teter said. “For years, Fox targeted Ray and spread falsehoods about him and Fox’s viewers used the lies as a basis to harass and threaten Ray.”

He added: “The absurdity of the conspiracy theory does not stand in the way of it being spread and weaponized to harm Ray. If Mr. Rogan is truly interested in focusing on who instigated the attack on the Capitol, he would find more truth in looking at the mirror than he does in focusing on a wedding venue owner from Arizona.”

Wait, what? Did I read that right? Did he just try to point the finger at Joe Rogan for instigating the riot? That’s pretty hilarious. Talk about a hot take for the record books.

I get that he has to defend his client. But if you’re accusing Rogan of spreading conspiracies, maybe he shouldn’t be suggesting some of his own about Rogan. What does he suppose Rogan did to instigate anything? Rogan wasn’t encouraging anyone to go into the Capitol. What’s Teter’s support for his comments about Rogan? That’s quite the desperate attempt there to spin for his client.

That hot take from Teter had the Internet laughing big time.

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